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Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Certified and EPA Award Winning Green Pest Control

Currently servicing the following cities: Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Newbury Park – expanding soon!

Hearts Pest Management brings a new breed of pest control – including government sponsored EcoWise Certified green and organic pest control for invading ants, spiders and other insects. Many of the products we use are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products! This program is now under joint sponsorship with the Bio-Intregral Resource Center, an environmental watchdog California based non-profit.

We can let you in on recent news: Hearts Pest Management has won the prestigious California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award. Only a select few pest control companies in the state have won the award over the past ten years. Yes, we are proud of this achievement. We are even more proud of the thought, design, implementation and consistent service that we have provided to customers seeking a more benevolent, green pest control service. Now you have a green pest control service in Ventura County that you can rely on for most pest control needs.

Phone Quotes for Common Pests

Many people call us for ants, spiders and other common insect related matters. Usually, we can price these pest control issues over the phone. We still treat each call very individually. We offer different pest control schedule cycles and “degrees of green” to fit your desires for control and caution.

Free Pest Control Inspection in Ventura County

For the pests listed below, we offer comprehensive and free inspections. We will NOT price these matters over the phone. They deserve careful, on-site attention before scoping out the appropriate pest control remediation and maintenance services.

  • rats
  • mice
  • bees
  • gophers
  • birds
  • bed bugs
  • mites and parasites (charge may apply)

We have complete pest control solutions you expect from professionals that inspect, consult and educate.

We look forward to providing pest control services in your Ventura County home or business. We have spent many years evaluating and devising the best pest control service formula for the types of situations you find in Ventura, with its’ vast climate differentials, micro-climates and bio-diversity.

Do you live “on one gigantic ant hill?” – Ants are year round trouble, entering homes and businesses in search of water, sugars or proteins. Do-It-Yourself ant control is messy, can get sloppy and far from our greener instincts. Do you really want to tackle ants and spiders when you wake up in the morning? Leave Ant control to us.

Ventura County landscapes and gardens are stunningly beautiful, but landscape and garden pest control is a challenge! It is not uncommon for neighbors to peek over a fence to investigate pest control service conducted.

How do our pest control technicians differ from the average technician?

Our pest control technicians are trained to be consultants. While 80% of the job may be routine, it is the other 20% that allows them to distinguish themselves from the average exterminator. They don’t simply kill pests. They are trained to inspect each visit to your property, for the pest problem presented and for potential pest control issues that may arise, as weather, irrigation and the neighbors.
Home Pest Control

Beautiful local Home

Pest Control for Business Establishments

Hearts Pest Management has a broad diversity of commercial pest control experience:

  • Restaurants
  • HOA and Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Office Complexes
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Animal Shelters
  • Organic Food Manufacturing and Retail
  • Vacation Resorts and Spiritual Retreats
Local Motel Serviced by Hearts Pest Management

Landscape and Garden Pest Control

Our pest control company, unlike any other, requires every employee to obtain two separate licenses: structural pest control and landscape pest control. (All must then obtain EcoWise Certification in green and organic pest control as well). That’s why we are so good at handling pests in the garden and garden pests that invade homes and businesses and doing it in a thoughtful manner with proper communications to property owners and tenants.

Garden Pest Control with Organics

Your Hearts pest control “consulting technician” is trained to do more than spray and go. He, or she, is trained in many pest control specialties:

Organic Pest Control in Ventura County

Hearts Pest Management was the 1st southern California pest control company to receive EcoWise Certification. This government-based organization was established to train pest control companies to apply pesticides only after careful consideration to environmental impacts. You will find other pest control companies using some organic products, but we are constantly searching OMRI labels (Organic Materials Resource Institute)
and new technology start-ups here and abroad for the best new pest control products in the organic and green marketplace. We won’t settle as we constantly improve our applications, training and procedures to produce top results with a blend of communication, service and products that you expect from an award winning provider of pest control services.

1st EcoWise Certified pest control employee in Southern California

Mice control and rat control

We offer a very comprehensive rodent control service for your Ventura property: start to finish, trapping, baiting (exterior only), complete exclusion to eliminate access. Only a select few pest control companies focus on actually cleaning up, decontaminating and restoring areas damaged by rats and mice.

Bee removal

Our company offers comprehensive control of bees, including removal of the hive and honeycomb from structures in which they are living, such at attics and wall voids.

Bee hive nest deep within a wall void.

(Above) Homeowners often can’t imagine how deeply bees will nest in the crevices of a structure. See the hive in the upper left corner of this photo.

Bees entering structure near an electrical box.

(Above) Sealing off bee access point while working with beehive adjoining electrical box from the garage interior.
Gopher control

Gopher control can be easy when you call a pest control company with the proper landscape license and access to restricted products that are designed to use by a professional. We also have lower toxicity risk products that we use on most occasions. Finally, it takes a good, observant technician to find and treat all the required areas to maximize control.
Bed Bug control

Our technicians have received formal training and have had lots of experience in home and commercial environments battling the “pest of the 21st century,” bed bugs, that are invading Ventura resort communities and even the homes of wealthy and frequent travels that bring back bed bugs to Ventura from their vacations and business travels.
Bed bugs in the lining of a couch

Decontamination – Cleanup – Restoration

We will take all the time that is required, all the safety precautions required, all the communication required, to get the most messy, most upsetting, most emotionally troubling pest control jobs done with excellent results and customer satisfaction.

Preserving the environment is paramount. We can protect your environment from pests while reducing or eliminating pesticides that in the past you may have felt necessary for pest control.<

We firmly believe that Hearts Pest Management is right for you and perfect for Ventura County.
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