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Meet Our Pest Control Team of Professionals

Our staff is dedicated to serving San Bernardino, with specialists in most every area of pest control, bi-lingual technicians, certified specialists, a family oriented company that takes care of its’ staff so they will take care of you. I tell my team, “With a name like Hearts, you’ve got to have lots of passion and concern for your customers!”

Click Customer Testimonials to see what our San Bernardino clients think of our pest control work. See if they agree, we are worthy of the name Hearts Pest Management!

Our services in San Bernardino are designed with the local community in mind. We think you will be exceptionally happy that there is a pest control company in town, ready to provide superior service tailored to your community.

Short Video of Hearts Pest Management and Our Pest Control Customers

Take a moment to hear not only our company president speak about Hearts, but listen to a variety of very satisfied pest control customers explain the Hearts experience of pest control service.

EcoWise Certified Green Pest Control

Green pest control is a critical offering for the San Bernardino community. With many young families moving into various new and growing townships, such as Fontana and Yucaipa, perhaps the primary impediment to pest control service is fear of harm from pesticides. By being the 1st and ONLY company in Southern California that is EcoWise Certified and by offering organics, along with other services, we are announcing that we place family and pets at the top
of our checklist of priority concerns.

Our first EcoWise Certified consulting technician, Stevie Hansen

Our pest control technicians are asked to consider more than just generic pest control factors, but also considerations unique to greater San Bernardino County.

San Bernardino is a region of micro-climates. Large variations in climates between valleys, mountains desert, plateaus and canyons mark the San Bernardino landscape. San Bernardino landscapes are conducive to pest vectors for rats, mice, gophers and other wildlife populations that grow to the point of severely damaging your lifestyle and your family’s welfare. Our technicians are trained to check beyond property lines, to assess the risk of pest recurrence from these sources and alter their pest plans based on the surrounding environment.

City of Fontana, beautiful new community, surrounded by mountains, open space, wilderness and commercial strips.

One tip for our San Bernardino customers: Sub-areas are the least observed and maintained parts of a home, and are common entry points for pests seeking food and lodging. Check that your sub-area doors are solid and seal well. Many of the sub-area doors we find are in need of repair or replacement. Stop those rats, mice, opossums and skunks from getting into your house!


What homeowner or business owner in San Bernardino has not thought, âEURoeThis town must be one huge ant hill! San Bernardino is notorious for ants. Ants are here year round, entering our homes and businesses in search of water and/or food. Many homeowners try to do their own ant control and spider control. But many have found ants can still get way out of control. No one wants to start tackling ants, spiders, earwigs or scorpions first thing in the morning! That’s why we are here at Hearts Pest Management!

San Bernardino gardens bring life to the semi-arid landscape, but they are also a challenge to treat. The proximity of neighbors, often with children, can create treatment problems. When you work with Hearts, you and your neighbor can be confident in our service and safety orientation. We consistently check over fences to see if the neighbors have similar pest problems.

While we hope you have a good relationship with your San Bernardino neighbor, we offer organic pest controls to help keep you and your neighbor, happy! Your neighbors will have little to argue about, when they hear that you are using OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products!

Hearts’ good service and good neighbor policies are creating a great referral network within San Bernardino… And best of all, a successful referral means a Hot Offers gift from Starbucks, one of my favorite local eateries.

Pest control technician serving San Bernardino, holding certifications in both  structural and agricultural pest control.
Are our pest control technicians better than the average pest control technician? YES! We take great pride in the high level of professional expertise and standards that we set for our technicians.

Our technicians are trained to be pest control consultants. They learn that while 80% of a job may be routine, 20% is not and that puts them ahead of the average exterminator. They are not simply about spray and go. They are trained to inspect each job on every visit. Checking not just for the pest problem complained about by the homeowner, but also for potential pest control issues and causes of infestation, due to factors like weather, irrigation, proximity of your property to a neighborâEURTMs infestation, and more.

Residential Pest Control in San Bernardino

Commercial Pest Control in San Bernardino

Landscape Pest Control in San Bernardino

We offer both standard and organic / EcoWise Certified pest control programs. We are licensed to handle most of your indoor and outdoor landscape requirements. Click on the images below
to learn more about how we meet the pest control needs of your family, both inside and outside your home.

Discover how we manage pests in commercial environments, from office complexes and the local HOA to sensitive environments, such as nursing homes, residential treatment centers, or the corner
convenience store or restaurant. Click on the image to read more.

You won’t find another pest control company where every employee is required to obtain both a structural AND a landscape license. That’s why we are so good at handling pests in the garden and
those garden pests that invade homes and businesses. Click on the image to read more.

A Hearts pest control âEURoeconsulting technicianâEUR is trained in such specialties as:

Mite and Parasite Control

Dead rodent particles, parasites, airborne allergens and more can damage your health. Click here to read more about how you can improve your situation fast.

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs visible in corner of couch.  Though these bed bugs were easy to find, eradicating all bed bugs in a room is a job for an expert. Click here to learn more about how we solve bed bug problems.

Mice control and rat control

If you think this beautiful home can

Bird Control and Cleanup from Birds

Bird control specialist assisting local church with pigeons problem in the steeple.  Click here to learn more about our work with birds.

Bee Control, Bee Removal, Honeycomb Cleanup

I am never amazed by the places we find bees hives.  Click to learn more about our work with bees.

Gopher Control

Squirrel and Gopher damage weakened the foundation.  When a truck passed over the weakened driveway, the roadway collapsed.  Click here to discover more about our work with gophers and squirrels.

Decontamination, Cleanup, Restoration and Remediation of Attic

When we clean out your attic from pest contamination, we leave no corner undone, because we believe in a job well done!

Last, but not least on our list, our Hearts pest control “consulting technicians” receive extensive training in environmental guardianship. We can often provide extermination services that actually don’t require extermination, by teaching the property owner how to protect their property from pests. When pesticide becomes a necessary part of a pest control program, we can offer various alternatives and least toxic methods and advise on how to weigh environmental considerations and safety issues.

Office staff are enthusiastically waiting to hear from you
Meet some of our office staff, from left is Vince, my older son, Barry, myself (Gerry) getting very gray, Allison (my office manager) and her daughter and playmate.


Can you tell that we enjoy our work?!  This is my younger son Jonathan, who recently became a certified applicator.

Don’t wait any longer. Our experience is that pest problems only get worse with time!

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