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Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Explore the different pest control service in Los Angeles.

How is Hearts Pest Management different than the rest? Listen to a short video with our founder and long term customers!

Most Los Angeles pest control companies provide simple labor for simple service. This has been the pest control mantra. Is that possible or beneficial when dealing with pesticides, a fractured environment and special needs?

We believe the opposite.

You are all unique and special in your own right. We trust our staff enough to listen, communicate and plan pest control services tailored to your specific family and business needs. Our constant push for greener pest solutions makes us a unique provider of pest control in Los Angeles.

Hearts Pest Management was the 1st pest control company in southern California to achieve the EcoWise Certified green pest control seal of approval (the only California-based green pest control certification). That makes a difference to environmentally sensative Los Angeles pest control customers.

EcoWise Certification - renewed through 2015
1st EcoWise Certification in Southern California

Challenging the Pest Control Industry to be Better

Hearts Pest Management has been on the leading edge of integrated pest management (I.P.M.), green and organic pest control solutions and the corporate philosophy that builds a staff that can fulfill the vision.

Recently, Hearts Pest Management was named “healthiest company” finalist and prestigious recipient of the California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award.

Los Angeles Pest Control by Hearts Pest Management

Los Angeles now gets to experience all that Hearts Pest Management brings to pest control. We know from responses so far that Hearts is exactly what Los Angeles has needed in a pest control company. We understand the sense of diversity in communities. We aspire to be supportive and respectful of Los Angeles in our treatment of employees, customers and the environment.

Greater Los Angeles is a vast region, with several micro-climates. Each canyon and hillside has variations in temperature, humidity and pest habitats that factor into pest control. Specific communities have unique problems due to business, culture, population density and generational mix. We take all this into consideration.

Everywhere in Los Angeles, people yell: “We live on one gigantic ant hill!” Ants agressively search for water, sugars or proteins year round. Many homeowners begin by do-it-yourself treatments for ants and spiders, until they realize it is a perpetual job, often only making matters worse, while exposing themselves to pesticides.

Do you want to be spraying ants when you wake up in the morning?!Let us take that burden off your shoulders. We are licensed and safeguarded to deal with pests and pesticides.

Residential Pest Control in Los Angeles

We offer both standard and organic EcoWise Certified pest control service in Los Angeles. We are licensed for most of your indoor and outdoor landscape requirements. Explore how we meet the pest control needs of your family, both inside and outside your home.

Hearts Pest Management takes care of a wide variety of pests and fungus to keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful.

Hearts Pest Management takes care of a wide variety of pests and fungus to keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful.

Commercial Pest Control in Los Angeles

Discover how we manage pests in commercial environments, from office complexes and the local HOA to sensitive environments, such as nursing homes, residential treatment centers, or the corner convenience store or restaurant. Customers are demanding that commercial establishments turn to Los Angeles pest control companies that are in line with their green outlook and sensitivities.

Inn with fountain

Hearts provides pest management for hotels, restaurants, schools and other commercial establishments.

Los Angeles Landscape Pest Control

You won’t find another Los Angeles pest control company where every employee is required to obtain both a structural AND a landscape license. That’s why we are so good at handling pests in the garden and those garden pests that invade homes and businesses.

Hearts landscape pest control worker attending attractive landscape in L.A.
Organic Pest Control – Los Angeles

Hearts Pest Management was the 1st company in southern California that pursued EcoWise Certification. This government sponsored I.P.M. organization established training for pest control companies to apply pesticides, only after careful consideration to environmental impacts.

We are constantly investigating new eco-focused products. More companies now display the organic product product logos, but few pest control companies understand how to use them wisely and effectively. We now have a list of “minimum-risk” and “reduced-risk” labels from companies such as Nissus, Bell and Wise Solutions. We are constantly checking new green pest control products listed with OMRI labels (Organic Materials Resource Institute)

Trish Kydd - Hearts Pest Management  Field Representative

Trish Kydd – Hearts Pest Management Field Representative

Free Pest Control Inspection Services

Mice control and rat control, rodent exclusion and cleanup

Typical rat contaminated attic in Los Angeles

Yes, it is difficult in Los Angeles to totally control mice and rats, but it can be done. We have a very comprehensive program, start to finish, trapping, baiting (exterior only), complete exclusion to eliminate access and here you will find one of the very few companies in Los Angeles that will actually clean up the mess left over, taking into consideration mites and parasites.

Commercial vacuum operation to decontaminate attic

Mites and Bed Bugs Plague Los Angeles Customers

Enter the unknown world of mites and parasites, those small but nasty and voluminous creatures that can invade anything. Bed bugs are overtaking Los Angeles with complaints of bed bug bites rising exponentally. Other parasites – when we clean for rats, mice and birds, we are also analyzing the situation for potentially harmful mites and parasites.

Bee Removal in Los Angeles

Our company offers comprehensive control of bees, including removal of the hive and honeycomb from structures in which they are living, such at attics and wall voids.

Homeowners often can’t imagine how deeply bees will nest in the crevices of a structure. Can you see the bee hive?

Honeycomb in attic intersecting with beams and wiring

Here we are sealing a bee access point while working with a beehive adjoining an electrical box outside the garage.

Bees found in electric meter
Gophers in Los Angeles

Gopher control can be easy when you call a pest control company with the proper landscape license and access to restricted products that are designed for use by a professional. The task also requires a good, observant gopher control technician to find and treat all the required areas for maximize control.

Bed Bug control for Los Angeles

Bed bugs are a problem for many hotels.  We can help! Note the feces on the mattress, a sure sign of bed bugs!

Bed bugs are a problem for many hotels. We can help! Note the feces on the mattress, a sure sign of bed bugs!

Our technicians have received formal training and acquired extensive experience in home and commercials environments battling the “pest of the 21st century,” bed bugs, that are invading Los Angeles.

Bird control

Bird Control using lift equipment

We combine our expertise in bird control with our experience in exclusion and decontamination for a complete solution from bird damage.

close- up of lift equipment used to correct bird damage

Decontamination – Cleanup – Restoration

We will take all the time that is required, all the safety precautions required, all the communication required, to get the most messy, most upsetting, most emotionally troubling pest control jobs done with excellent results and customer satisfaction.

Pest Reduction Through Green Cleaning

Ask about our brand new Green Cleaning Service – “Green and Clean Corners,” providing supplimental deep cleaning with a pest and allergen focus on corners high, low and under objects where pests and allergens proliferate.

Call us today for fast, effective, caring pest control in Greater Los Angeles.


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