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We love the beautiful gardens that our climate can provide! But so do insects!

Luna Moth Caterpillar

Luna Moth Caterpillar

Whether at home or at work, we expect to see beautiful landscapes. We work hard to create and preserve these lush exterior spaces.

When snails and caterpillars start eating leaves and white flies are taking over your hibiscus, it’s time to let Hearts Pest Management take back your landscape and restore it to its original lush state.

Practicing Integrated Pest Management

Living all around us is an abundance of living creatures. Natural or not, most of us prefer them to stay outdoors – as in beyond our property line!

We will, however, do our best to keep your landscape and home free of damaging pests.

All our programs are based on the principle of applying the least amount of pesticide that will effectively do the job.

Our pest control technicians are trained to be triple certified in home and landscape pest control, including IPM (Integrated Pest Management), through EcoWise Certified.

Our technicians treat target landscape pests.

Our technicians target landscape pests while being careful around flowering plants and beneficial insects.

They are knowledgeable and caring, being mindful of the environment and respectful of nature.

There is no other pest control company in southern California acquiring state licensing and certification for all their technicians in all these pest control competencies!

A Satisfied Customer!

Ms. Fortney, a southern California customer says, “Hearts Pest Management really knows their business. Dave took care of my major pest problems. He is a super guy, very pleasant, prompt, and professional.

He saved my hedge from the bugs that were threatening it, saving me a ton of money I’d have spent replacing it.

He was very knowledgeable and informative about my other pest problems, and he inspires great confidence in his recommendations. He has my complete trust. Thanks, Hearts!”

(We have a lot more reviews here)

We are very fortunate to have staff who understand garden pest control. We don’t simply treat plants, we learn to know and appreciate them. When we come to visit your garden, we come with a smile because we love what we do!

David Cole - Hearts Pest Management Field Representative and Supervisor

David Cole – Hearts Pest Management Field Representative and Supervisor

Common landscape pests that we treat include:

  • gophers and squirrels
  • aphids
  • powdery mildew
  • scale
  • white fly and sooty mold
  • fleas
  • ants and spiders
  • springtails
  • rats and mice
  • earwigs
  • clover mites, spider mites, assorted mites
Did you know ants farm? That's what its called when they herd aphids away from predators.

Did you know that ants farm? Ants “farm” by herding aphids away from predators and in exchange, aphids emit honeydew for the ants to eat!

These landscape pests should be treated for the sake of your yard and garden, but many will surprisingly become indoor pests that drive you crazy!

Our broad-spectrum landscape tree and shrub program supplements our basic structural pest program to provide the best all around protection for insect invasion of valuable home and garden space.

The program is designed with careful consideration for the seasonal cycle of trees and shrubs: dormancy, flowering and fruiting, as well as heat, and its effect on treatment.

We can also provide valuable lawn care services that will enhance protection against infestations and result in healthier foliage.

  • fertilization
  • micro-nutrients
  • pruning services

Before applying pesticides, we will consider factors such as:

Shrubs, trees, and plant touching your home provides access to not only insects but rats as well.

Shrubs, trees, and plants against your home provides access to not only insects but rats as well.

  • whether your trees and shrubs are fruit baring
  • the proximity of trees and shrubs to other property owners
  • the urgency of treatment
  • desired frequency
  • budget.

Our pest control service is tailored to your situation, with the flexibility to provide foliage treatments, soil drench treatments, and systemic micro-injection treatments for trees and shrubs.

Hearts Pest Management is specially certified in the Mauget micro-injection technique.

Health Consciousness and Yard Care

Nowadays, people want serious answers about the health risks associated with pest control.

Child and pet protection are a big concern for families. Plans are made with every family to coordinate appropriate treatments to protect their loved ones.

EcoWise Certified

Our Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified

Our Focus on Organics program eliminates many concerns, but coordination and partnership with customers is still very important. While our systems for landscape pest management is geared to low impact and organic treatments, specific programs may require higher dosage or toxicity treatments.

Landscape treatment involves a strong focus on site inspection, active monitoring, and IPM solutions.

We complete a specially designed work site safety evaluation form in order to protect all parties for the liabilities and hazards associated with pest control treatments.


 Pocket Gophers will destroy lawns and eat the roots of expensive plants!

Pocket gophers will destroy lawns and eat the roots of expensive plants!

Gopher Control

Many of our customers choose maintenance coverage for gophers, which are a common pest in Southern California.

Gophers create extensive economic damage to lawns and gardens from bottom-up, eating massive amounts of root material daily.

Exterior maintenance baiting or trapping for rats and squirrels protects gardens from top-down damage, as they love to eat fresh fruit …just before you have a chance to pick it off the tree!

Rose Care and Pests

Hearts Pest Management now provides Pruning and Pest Control for Roses.

Rose bushes can become infested rose slugs, aphids, fungus, and other pests that destroy and discolor leaves.

"Hard pruning of roses" width="300" height="203" /> January is the time of year for “hard pruning.”

January is the time of year for “hard pruning.”

Please visit our page on Pruning and Pest Control for Roses:

Pruning and Pest Control for Roses

California Rabbits and Rabbit Pests

California environmental protection laws prohibit pest control companies from exterminating rabbits. They are a critical part of the food chain and are therefore under special protections.

So what can we do? We do offer repellents and we have some recommendations. You can learn more about rabbits and better understand what can be done here:* California Rabbits and Rabbit Pests

Resources for Gardeners

For garden lovers, who are looking for general gardening advise, support, encouragement and comradely, contact the San Diego Horticultural Society.

Another resource for gardeners looking to reduce fire hazard, while having a beautiful, low maintenance garden, is the California Native Plant Society.

The National Gardening Association has a very comprehensive website, addressing topics from plant section, to pest control and weed identification. It also has a special kids corner.

Consider the Cactus and Succulent Society for both a beautiful garden and a low water bill!

Pest Control Product Labels and MSDS Pest Control Product Ingredient List

Pest control consulting technicians dispatched from your home town!

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