Flea Control the Hearts Pest Management Way

Fleas are a serious and embarrassing problem. Fleas spread disease. They can make your life miserable. When fleas are not controlled, it becomes hard to sit, sleep or have guests in your home.

The Hearts flea control program eliminates fleas quickly and effectively. We work with our flea control customers to make the process as painless as possible. You will be given instructions in how to prepare for a flea treatment. With this flea preparation worksheet in your hands, our pest control service technician can arrive for the flea inspection and treat for fleas, knowing that we have a good partnership to solve the flea problem.

Pet owners aren’t the only ones with flea problems. Landscape conditions allow fleas to survive in an area that don’t contain pets. Moist sand or sandy soil and areas of dense foliage producing shade are excellent breeding sites for fleas. Also, beware of areas where wild animals are sighted as many of these animals will be flea carriers. Fleas can become dislodged from a wandering animal and jump to a new host – a pet or person.

Your Hearts consulting pest technician can identify a flea problem quickly, create a solution that will give you fast results and apply a minimally invasive treatment. We can often use low impact alternatives to standard pesticides to reduce the level of toxin in and around your home.

Fleas and the Health of Your Pet

Pets that are allowed outdoors should be inspected for fleas regularly. Check this video of a veterinary inspection for fleas. It’s relatively simply if you look closely.

Pets with untreated flea problems can experience flea allergy dermatitis, an unpleasant skin condition which causes major discomfort and potentially lead to secondary skin infections. Fleas may transmit plague or tapeworm to your pets. Very young pets may develop anemia from flea bites.

Fleas and Human Health – Your Health

Fleas are known to transmit several diseases and pathogens:

  • Fleas vector typhus and plague.
  • Sores from flea bites may result in secondary infections from staph.
  • Allergic reactions to flea bites may cause dermatitis, persistent itching, flaking and discoloration of the skin.
  • Fleas feeding on pets, livestock or stray animals can, in rare cases, retransmit tapeworms to humans.
  • Fleas cause emotional and psychological problems when the victim experiences feelings of isolation, embarrassment and agitation.

At Hearts Pest Management, we are committed to a holistic approach to the reduction of pest organisms and the restoration of your home in an ecologically sound manner. We combine customer sensitivity, communication and an appropriate level of treatment, not more or less.

Flea Prevention

Fleas can sometimes be prevented.

  • Regularly applying over-the-counter or veterinarian administered flea treatment, such as Front Line or Advantage, is a great start.
  • The front and back yard should be free of clutter and refuse. Moist, shady soil should be removed or the source of moisture should be removed.
  • Regular vacuuming in the home helps. Be sure to change the vacuum bag or empty and clean the dirt cup right away if you even suspect there may be fleas. And don’t just change the bag or dump the cup. Place the bag or cup contents into a plastic bag. Tie it up as tightly as possible. Get it out of the house and into the garbage.
  • Keep garbage containers as far from the house as possible.
  • Clothing and bedding may need to be washed or dry-cleaned. Pay particular attention to pet bedding, as this will be infested with both fleas and eggs.

Flea Treatment Program

The Hearts pest control process for fleas is simple and effective:

  • Before treating for fleas, you will receive a complete flea inspection to assess the problem and its’ extent.
  • Our free consultation will address all issues related to flea elimination: pet treatment, landscape and sanitation issues. We want you to understand everything before we treat.
  • Yard treatment for fleas includes a broad fan spray of the landscape, which can be supplemented with a granular treatment.
  • Inside the home we will treat carpeted areas and fabrics. Not leather.
  • We apply an Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) in our treatment. IGRs, such as Precor and NyGuard, prevent young fleas from developing into adults. This stops fleas breeding.
  • Because you come first, Hearts Pest Management is committed to the reduction of toxins. Our service utilizes a variety of flea remediation products with different toxicity levels and mode of action. Pyrethrins are an effective standard chemical in the control of fleas. More organic and lower-risk products are now available for flea treatments
  • Hearts Pest Management is the first EcoWise Certified pest control company in Southern California.

  • We will retreat your home in 2 to 4 weeks, within the original price, to make sure you are satisfied.
  • We will re-inspect your property and consult with you to ensure that you understand the requirements for a home and landscape free from fleas.
  • Where conditions exist that may cause a re-infestation from surrounding landscape, a maintenance program is highly recommended

Your Part – The Homeowner Work List for Flea Treatments

We have prepared an on-line Homeowner Work List for a Successful Flea Treatment. Please read carefully through the material and take all actions as needed on your part to ensure an effective flea treatment. It’s really a partnership.

Flea Biology

Fleas are wingless, bloodsucking insects (Siphonaptera). Fleas are very small, no more than a 16th of an inch. They can jump approximately 7 inches high, just above ankle level. From there they will crawl to a suitable spot to feed and breed. Given the opportunity, a flea will spend its entire life on the host organism – your pet. They can be scratched off but will always seek to return. Their eggs fall off the host after being laid. Pet bedding is commonly the main infestation site, as eggs fall off as the pet lies down and gets up. Fleas breed on the host organism.

Here is a great flea biology video that can’t be missed.

Flea Species in Southern California

Fleas in Southern California come in a variety of species. There are cat fleas, dog fleas, human fleas and others. The differences can usually only be seen with a microscope. Just because a flea has a name that indicates the type of animal it can usually be found on doesn’t mean that it will not look for food somewhere else. Most fleas do not discriminate when they are hungry. Cat fleas do not just attack cats; in fact the majority of flea infestations in the US are of cat fleas. Regardless of the type of flea, your Hearts consulting pest control technician is qualified to choose the correct treatment for your flea problem.

Ctenocephalides felis
Ctenocephalides canis
Pulex irritans
Xenopsylla cheopis
Nosopsyllus fasciatus

Pest Control Product Labels and MSDS

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