Cockroach Control by Hearts Pest Management

Cockroaches are an extremely sensitive subject for most people – we understand!

Roaches are among the most common pests to infest homes, but the least talked about. Phobias are very common, but we need good information to get rid of them, as well as the contamination, allergies and many diseases they spread.

A restaurant with cockroaches is a restaurant that is losing business and potentially facing closure.

From the cockroach inspection to their complete elimination, trust your Hearts pest control technician to be thorough and discrete. A methodical consultation, inspection and treatment and our technical expertise all add up to your home or business becoming roach free.

A clean kitchen is no guarantee against roaches though without a clean kitchen it is unlikely you can achieve roach elimination.

Our goal is to eliminate roach food, water and shelter.

Concerned about pesticides?

Hearts has a variety of Green Pest Control Alternatives for Roaches. Hearts Pest Management was the first company in southern California to be EcoWise Certified!!! This certification provides reassurance to customers that they are being treated with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Our intention is to design a cockroach service tailored to you, your family and/or business environment.

Cockroaches and Allergies vs. Your Health

Cockroaches present a serious problem for human health. Roaches are known to spread several diseases:

  • staphylococcus
  • salmonella
  • streptococcus
  • coliform bacteria

Asthma has been a major problem for children and adults in roach infested environments.

Cockroach allergen is a major cause of asthma. Formed from the feces and decomposing bodies of dead roaches, cockroach allergen will aggravate a pre-existing asthma condition, and may even spark new symptoms in someone who may be predisposed to asthma.

Only the elimination of roaches, their bodies and their feces will prevent cockroach allergens from affecting people.

For additional information on Asthma and Roaches, please visit the E.P.A. page on Asthma.

Cockroaches and Restaurants

A review of this first video demonstrates how a good restaurant is a clean restaurant. Roaches did not present a problem because food is well kept and the kitchen is sanitized regularly. When that happens, a restaurant can have a great relationship with its’ inspector.

Compare the first healthy food restaurant to this one with structural, sanitation and pest problems.

A restaurant with cockroaches is a restaurant that is losing business and potentially facing closure. We see this happen. Your business reputation is on the line when you allow a roach infestation to continue.

Our company is prepared to work closely with restaurant ownership and staff to achieve partnered results with a comprehensive cockroach program for elimination and to drastically reduce the likelihood of new infestations from arising.

Roach Treatment – A word about Resistance

Roaches are known to be fast breeders and, unfortunately for us, a hearty breed of insect. One eggsac can produces between 16 and 32 new roaches.

Roaches are known to be resistant to many pesticides. This happens with repeat and incorrect treatment with older pesticides and improper self-treatments using DIY methods. If you treat this way you may be part of what is causing “super-roaches.” Also, be aware that an incorrect application of pesticides by commercial establishment owner could result in legal action, should a customer be harmed or claims to have experienced ill effects from an improper treatment.

Hearts Pest Management uses the most modern pesticides and non-pesticide choices to prevent resistance and eliminate roaches.

Roach baits and spray formulations are switched regularly “to surprise the cockroaches.” Hearts Pest Management is always looking for new products that are quality tested so you don’t have to worry about cockroach resistance.

Don’t let your meals be ruined by roaches!

Don’t let your meals be ruined by roaches!

Roach Prevention – Cleanliness is next to Roachlessness

Roaches can infest perfectly clean homes, but a lack of cleanliness does increase the chance that a roach that does make it in will live and breed successfully. They can survive on very small amounts of food and water, but cockroaches thrive on grease, pet food, soft drink syrups and alcoholic beverages.

Removing food containers, keeping recycle bottles and cans outside of the house, picking up and putting away pet food when the pet is not eating, and a regular cleaning of areas that accumulate grease are four great ways to reduce the chance of getting roaches. Clutter in and around the house also makes a home more hospitable to roaches. Always inspect boxes and bags coming into the house or commercial establishment for transported roaches.

Cockroach Species in Southern California

German Roach close up

German Cockroach

German Cockroaches, a.k.a. “Kitchen Roaches,” are the number one infesting roach in the United States. They are small, breed fast, and need very little to survive. They can be easily transferred to infest new locations in variety of containers: paper or plastic grocery bags, cardboard boxes, or laundry baskets. The female cockroach will drop her egg sack anywhere she happens to be when it reaches full term. Cockroach egg sacks are about 5/8 inch long, medium to dark brown and cigar shaped.

German Cockroaches can infest just about anywhere, but usually they look for dark, secluded places near food or moisture. German Roaches breed very fast. They will quickly spread to other areas as they continue to breed. The areas where German Roaches gather are characterized by a collection of black or very dark brown spotty droppings collected in a corner or area that is out of site. When these areas can be seen out in the open, it usually means that the larger portion of the population is present, but out of sight.

For more info on the German Cockroach, visit University of Florida Entomology – Roaches site.

American Cockroach

American Cockroach

American Cockroaches, a large breed, are also called “Water Bugs” and “Palmetto Bugs.” American cockroaches reach a maximum size of 2-1/8 inches long, but people who have seen them will report them as bigger. They are medium to reddish brown. They are fast movers. Also, American Cockroaches can fly.

Like all roaches, the American Cockroach prefers to make their homes in dark, secluded places – basements, sewers and wall voids, especially wall voids where pipes and vents that bring heat and moisture are present.

For more inforation, visit the University of Florida Entomology – American Cockroaches webpage.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Roaches have also been called “water bugs.”. They are very dark brown to black and shiny ranging up to 1 inch in size. They prefer moist areas and may inhabit the cracks or areas where soil abuts to concrete. Sewer entrances and vents, water heaters and metal cellar doors are all possible habitation sites.

Infestations in houses are rare but can occur. Moisture is the key attraction and the removal of moisture can assist in the control of Oriental Roaches.

For more info on the Oriental Cockroach, visit the University of Florida site.

turkestan female

Turkestan Cockroach

Turkestan roaches are very similar to oriental roaches, preferring moist areas outdoors in urban type environments. The female Turkestan cockroach can be identified from an oriental cockroach by cream-colored markings. This species of roaches is displacing the oriental cockroach because of their ability to breed quicker than the oriental roaches.

Because of their fast breeding capabilities, Turkestan cockroaches are being sold over the internet as food for reptile owners. This is quite possibly the first pest distributed across the ocean and on land in this manner. Presently, Turkestan cockroaches stretch across the southwestern United States from southern California to Texas. Read more:Turkestan Cockroach

brown-banded cockroach

Brownbanded Cockroach

Brownbanded cockroaches are the only known roach specie, besides the German Roach, that is completely dependent on humans for their survival. Brownbanded cockroaches are 5/8 inches long, with bodies are a little more rounded than the German. They are dark to medium brown with 2 or 3 yellow-brown bands that run left to right across their backs.

Brownbanded Roaches have a tendency to gather in higher places than Germans. They do not just breed and group in bathroom or kitchen areas. Gatherings may be found throughout the house. That is because egg cases may be deposited in seemingly random places throughout the house, but usually away from where they inhabit.

For more info on this cockroach, visit IPM University of California Davis – Brownbanded Cockroach.

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