Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Hearts Pest Management has a staff well versed and experienced in bed bug treatment for both commercial and residential environments.

Infestations of bed bugs are on the increase! The days you were told as a child at bedtime, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” you knew your parents were just kidding, right? Not anymore … anyone can get bed bugs. All you have to do is stay one night in an infested hotel/motel room. …

Our program for treatment of bed bugs has been well tested and received by our customers.

Bed Bug Topics:

Contracting Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Secondary Transmission
Bed Bug Biology
Bed Bug Identification
Bed Bug Mattress Cover
Pest Control Professional Partner
Customer Responsibilities


Bed Bugs – Falsehood of Contracting

Bed bugs are part of urban legends and myths. There is a common misconception that bed bug infestations only occur in unsanitary environments. If it was ever true, that is no longer the case!

In the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous resurgence of bed bugs. This has been due to the discontinuance of chemicals such as DDT and malathion from the marketplace, that were extremely effective in eliminating bed bugs within the United States.

More importantly, there has been a surge in international travel. Bed bugs have been entering the country, piggybacking our high-end executive travelers, in their suitcases, as well as in the furniture of frequent movers.

Bed Bug – Secondary transmission routes of infestations

There is a secondary market for clothing and furniture, bedding and mattresses particularly. Everyone loves a bargain and flea markets are a booming industry. Furniture with known bed bug infestations are often disposed of without any concern for who might be picking up the merchandise.

Even donations are sometimes made of beds and other articles containing bed bugs!These days, it is critical to examine used furniture before purchase. Furniture reconditioning is a large industry. Often, reconditioned furniture does not go through rigorous examination to eliminate bed bugs or separate out un-reusable furniture. The new owner believes he or she has a newly certified bed, but the only thing certified is that the cover material is new and covered in a new plastic shell.

Bed bugs attached to wood frame of bedding

Bed bug shell castings and fecal matter.

Bed bugs infesting mattress

Bed Bug infestations reported from homes, resort, hotels and apartments, during the last decade, has significantly increased.

Bed Bug biology and habits

Bed bugs are active year round. They prefer humans, but will infest domestic pets and birds. Bed bugs can lay 1-5 eggs per day and 200-500 in their lifetime.

They live for periods that vary widely, based primarily on temperature, humidity and availability of a blood meal. They are even capable of going into a semi- dormant state until the right conditions arise. A bed bug’s lifespan can range from several weeks to almost 18 months.

This can have serious impact on treatment methods, as most of today’s chemicals do not carry a long residual effect.

Engorged bed bug after blood meal

A Bed Bug nymph after feeding.

Bed Bug identification

Bed bugs bare some similarities to other blood-sucking parasites. The best way to identify a bed bug infestation is by looking to the tell-tale nesting sites of bed bugs in close proximity to human hosts.

Things to look for: Fecal matter and insect shell casting, as well as bed bugs themselves, ranging in color and size. Younger ones and those that have not had a recent blood meal are lighter in color, whereas those that have had a meal can be a bright red to black.

Bed bug feeding

Bed Bugs feeding from a human host.

Places to look for Bed Bug signs:

Key places for a homeowner to check include bed ribbing and underside of box springs. Bed bugs are notorious for finding some amazing places to hide, from suitcase seams to coat hangers and behind wall paper.

Your best bet: Contact a pest control professional to conduct a complete inspection. Don’t attempt to resolve this problem alone and don’t assume that by killing those bed bugs found in the vicinity of the bed, that the infestation is eliminated.

Bed bug mattress covers and bed bug box spring covers

Bed bug treatment to several mattresses in group home

Hearts technician meticulously treating mattresses for Bed Bugs.

If no money is too much in pursuit of a quick solution for bed bugs, than treating your bed and box spring, followed by marking them and properly removing them is the best way to go. A professional should do this for you, as improper removal can spread the infestation.

Whether or not you remove the old mattress and box spring, you will be strongly advised to have them covered with specially designed bed bug mattress and box spring covers. These products have linings and zipper features to protect you from bites through the materials and from bed bug survivors biting through the lining. This is a valuable investment.

Yet this will not guarantee a complete solution by itself, as these products do not stop bed bugs from crawling across the covers from a more distant bed bug harborage site, such as a bed post.


Creating a partnership with your pest professional

Hearts Pest Management has prepared a protocol for bed bug prevention, treatment and monitoring that can be tailored your unique setting.

Our system starts with a complete inspection, involving proper identification of the pest. There are other parasites that can mimic certain symptoms related to bed bugs, and so it is important to rule these out before beginning a bed bug program.

Bed bug discarded egg casings and fecal matter

Bed bug castings, eggs, and waste.

Your Hearts inspector starts by asking critical questions common to bed bug infestations that can play an important role in resolving the infestation, such as:

  • Have you recently traveled overseas?
  • Have you recently purchased second hand bedding or bed?
  • Have you had a visitor that stayed in the infested area, immediately prior to the outbreak?
  • Have you been staying in unreliable hotels or motels?
  • Have family members been in places where many people share common furniture, perhaps a day camp dorm or a movie theater?

The physical inspection will include all living areas, not just bedrooms, but other areas where humans lounge, such as the living room and entertainment room.


Customer responsibilities

Without proper preparation by owners and occupants, no treatment will be effective. For effective bed bug treatment here are somethings you will need to do:

  • You will need to arrange to be out of the treated areas for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • Beds and bed frames must be totally disassembled.
  • All wall hanging must be removed from the walls, and pictures must be removed from frames.
Bed bug treatment - disassembled furniture to reach bed bugs

Breaking down furniture for bed bug treatment is critical to success.

  • All clothing must be washed or dry-cleaned AT THE TIME OF TREATMENT.
  • You will need to be ready to go to the cleaners or Laundromat when your pest technician arrives to start treatment.
  • Suitcases and luggage must be empty and left in room to be treated.
A complete list of procedures for treatment will be given to you prior to the treatment and must be followed to the letter, without exception. It is for the success of treatment that you want to follow these strict preparation protocols. The protocol is what works.
For a sample checklist for a bed bug treatment, please review the following link:

Hearts Pest Management Experience in Bed Bug Prevention, Treatment and Monitoring

Apartment buildings Motels/Hotels,
Health related treatment facilities,
Bed Bugs in Assisted Living Facilities,
Single family homes

We have been very successful at eradicating infestations without any need to shut down operations or calling for fumigation!

Bed bug egg casings

Bed bug egg casings Bed Bug egg casings.


Hearts pest management takes pride in being at the forefront of treatment alternatives. We are currently researching and exploring non-chemical heat and cold freeze treatments for bed bugs.

These methods are especially helpful in destroying bed bug egg sacs and dealing with the new terror of pesticide resistant bed bugs.

Bed Bug Images courtesy of Environmental Health & Safety, Harvard University, Professor Gary D. Alpert.

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