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Review our amazing general pest service options – green, organic and standard pest control.
Basic home invading pests are included.

You can add other problem pests to your “general pest control” service.” Choose the number of pre-plannned services.

We don’t lock you in for our benefit. We customize the service to your needs and pest situation. This basic service plan is priced over the phone for most homes.


Pest Services at a Glance

General Pest Control Call for a quote!
* pillbugs
* sowbugs

Other general pest control options:

* indoor roaches
* fleas
* ticks
* flies

Carpenter ants, bedbugs – separate estimate
Choose the service schedule you need: Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Reduced winter service.


Do you have a major issue with difficult problem pests? These problems call for a visual inspection. We will price these services at the time of inspection, once we understand the pest problem and how to resolve it for you.

We are regularly available for timely pest control service. Look for us in Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, and most cities and towns in Southern California.

Free Inspections for Prevention and Extermination
Rat Control
Mice Control
  • in-door trapping
  • out-door baiting or trapping
  • full exclusion to keep them out!
  • decontamination (see mites and parasites)
  • clean-up
  • maintenance monthly
Gopher Control
Squirrel Control
  • remediation / maintenance
  • ground fumigation
  • baiting
Bee Control
Wasp Control
  • indoor / outdoor eradication
  • bee removal – hive and honeycomb
Bird Control

  • pigeons
  • starlings
  • sparrows
  • swallows (exclusion only)
    Single story eaves only (we do not service roofs or second story homes).

  • full exclusion for nesting and perching
  • decontamination (see mites and parasites)
  • bird birth control
Roach Control
  • monitoring
  • commercial reporting
  • clean-outs and maintenance
Mites & Parasites

  • rats
  • mice
  • birds
  • attic vacuuming
  • power washing
  • insulation removal – replacement
  • full space area chemical fogging
  • off-site disposal
Bed Bugs
  • comprehensive inspection
  • written bedbug plan for owner – pest company
Other Household Pests
Landscape, Tree & Shrub Disease Control

  • organic “Green Thumb” program
  • ornamentals, roses
  • home garden fruiting trees
  • tree injection systemics
Pests Serviced include but not limited to:

Pest Control Product Labels and MSDS

Experience Hearts Pest Management’s innovative EPA Award Winning Pest Control Service!

We are available for pest control service in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura and the Inland Empire.

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