For common home invading insects and arachnids like ants, spiders and earwigs, even outdoor roaches that come in sporadically, we are able to price over the phone. These situations we handle day in and day out. This type of work is predictable enough that we can price up-front. At Hearts Pest Management we view pest control very broadly, evaluating the interaction of people, pets and the environment. Our work is to harmonize human activities with the natural environment that surrounds you.Pests for which we inspect before pricing include: Rats Mice Bees Bed Bugs Gophers and Squirrels Indoor kitchen residing roaches Bird Mites All commercial pest environments Landscape pest control Trees and landscape pests Cleanouts

Professional plumbing and electrical problems are usually priced at time of inspection, even though the problem is pretty static compared to pest control, where the interaction of people, pets and the environment are always changing. How much more important is it to do a professional on site inspection?  A lot more!

We understand that people are concerned about price. That’s why we offer free pest control inspections. We want you to feel totally comfortable with our proposals and our staff before any commitment. Besides, you’ll receive an hour of free inspection and advice. How good is that?

There is one exception to this rule: We charge a $250 consultation fee (which you would know before we come to your house) for matters dealing with mites, a very complex specialty and one where we have no challengers in our industry. If the problem is defined as a rodent or bird problem primarily, the fee will not apply, but if the primary problem is mites, we spend a great deal of time in communications and information sharing about the multiple sources of possible bites and bite sensations.

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