Warehouse Fire Believed Caused by Heat Treatment

Thursday February 16, 2012
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I was recently at a meeting of pest control operators, where I learned that a warehouse fire in Fontana, CA, was caused by a heat treatment gone wrong. See for yourself.https://youtu.be/EEVhPQakxF4 This fire was caused by a pest control company performing a heat treatment in food containers. The containers exploded and damaged the warehouse. The heat from the explosion ignited the fire suppression system inside the warehouse and that caused subsequent flooding which damaged tons of boxed inventory of food. All of this because the processing company wanted a “non-fumigant/chemical” option.

So while non-chemical heat treatments may be a viable option for termites and bed bugs, consider that the results of a non-chemical treatment can in fact be very toxic. All options have their own set of risks. This risk perhaps needing a bit more safety precautions, project management, calculation. Need I say more.

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