Moorpark Pest Control

The City of Moorpark Welcomes Hearts Pest Management

Ventura County’s Moorpark is a beautiful city with 19 parks including a dog park and a skate park.

Pest Control in Moorpark – with Distinction!

Hearts Pest Management has a growing presence in Southern California - with purposefully distinctive services - that cannot be replicated by the competition. Our company culture, training, values and follow-through place our Hearts pest control services in a class by itself.

Hearts Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified in Organic Pest Control!

If you ever thought pest control was a commodity, we've proved everyone wrong! Our staff communicates well, with both our customers and each other. Our work is thorough and our approach is holistic - examining human, animal, and environmental factors to best suit your pest control needs while keeping the welfare of the environment, your family, and your pets in mind. How do we do it? We begin by putting people first.

Here are few of our achievements:

  • We are licensing all our pest control service staff in both structural and landscape pest control. This is not done anywhere else and provides us with a great advantage in diagnosing and treating your home, garden, and business – inside and out.
  • All our pest control technicians are required to become EcoWise Certified, the one and only California, government based green integrated pest management certification.
  • We are a winner of the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Pesticide Regulation Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award!

Don’t let a small ant problem become a big infestation! We can help!

We believe a pest control company must first do no harm. We are totally focused on people, pets, and the environment, including native wildlife. Our employees care, that’s why we are a company with “heart!” Moorpark is a community that is concerned about its' appearance - but appearances can hide many pest problems, even in the best of environments. We live in pest heaven. Wildlife and associated pest pressures surround Moorpark. Don't be fooled. These are not just summertime problems; pests invade Moorpark homes and businesses year round.

Snails are responsible for most of the leaf damage on your plants – and, they attract rats!

As our skills have grown, we have established new specialties that has placed our company at the forefront of the “Green Revolution” for organic pest control.
We offer a custom approach to general and specialty pest control services, not based on best-in-class products alone, but on a philosophy of employee care and development that empowers our staff to give the best that they have to you.

Meet Brandon Espinoza – Brandon will help keep your property pest-free.

Hearts Pest Management is not a normal pest control company in any way, shape or form. Read our employment page to learn more about our award winning approach to employees . We offer both General Pest Service and our organic, green themed "Green Thumb" Pest Control Service Program. We are the first and the only Southern California EcoWise Certified pest control company. Whether you choose a "standard" general pest service or our "Green Thumb" pest control service, we custom fit the service for your needs.

Hearts is able to treat for spiders with our “Greenthumb” program!

Pest Control Service Offerings Listed

  • General and Organic Pest Control Service
  • Rodent Control for Rats and Mice
  • Burrowing Rodent Control - Gophers and Squirrels
  • Bee Hive Removal and Remediation
  • Control for Mites and Parasites Associated with Rodents and Birds
  • Landscape Management for Garden Pests

Hearts provides rodent trapping, exclusions and attic clean-outs.

Commercial services:

  • Cockroach Control
  • Bed Bug Control - high-end world travelers are bringing back this nasty bug!
  • Bed Bug Alternative Non-chemical Service - intense steam, vacuum and encasing approach to bed bugs.
Moorpark has needed a pest control company like Hearts, where people are first in our minds and our “Hearts” and, where the exterminating aspect gets done well but with care to environment, giving you and your family peace of mind. Hearts Pest Management is just a phone call or email away. Don’t delay, it will only allow a pest problem and health hazard to increase, so please contact us today at:


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Invisible Gardener

Hearts Pest Management provides green / organic landscape pest control. For complete organic management of the landscape, we also recommend a company near you that specializes in organic soil restoration. The Invisible Gardener will determine the health of your soil and restore it to its natural state with microbes and minerals necessary to maintain healthy trees and plants. Please visit their informative website and check out Invisible Garden owner Andy Lopez’s radio show at: Invisible Gardener