Pest Control in Camarillo

Pest Control in Camarillo

Pleasant Valley’s Camarillo, CA – a beautiful place to live!

Hearts Pest Management is pleased to be servicing the good residents and business owners of Camarillo!

We are licensed for both structural and landscape pest management. And, we were the first pest control company in southern California to “Go Green” with organic pest control!

In sunny Camarillo, there are insects and other home invading pests all year round, making it very important to keep a pest maintenance plan throughout the year.

EcoWise Certified

We are EcoWise Certified!

At Hearts Pest Management, we have a variety of pest control choices to help you make an informed decision when it comes to pest control for your home or business.

Green Pest Control in Camarillo

Hearts can treat many pests with organic applications, including some landscape pests. We have a "Greenthumb" maintenance program available monthly or every other month that eliminates ants, spiders, earwigs, water bugs, and outdoor fleas.

Looking for pet-friendly pest control? We have it!

Visit our main page to learn more and watch a video on organic pest control by owner, Gerry Weitz: Green / Organic Pest Control

Many individuals are sensitive to chemicals and are concerned about using pesticides. With Hearts, you can rest assured our products are EcoWise Certified.

Families with young children or pet-parents are also concerned about using pest control, and so they should be! But with our green program, you don’t have to keep your loved ones, be they furry or otherwise, away from the treated areas of your home.

Residential Pest Control

We have a wide range of residential pest control services in Camarillo!

We offer a natural (IPM) Integrated Pest Management approach with each initial appointment.

Your Hearts service professional will determine the most effective, and natural combination of products, methods and application techniques to manage your individual pest problem in and around your home.

Preventing pests from entering your home is the main goal of pest control. All creatures big and small have their part in our world from ants aerating our soil and eating decomposed matter to orb weaver spiders that keep garden pests at bay.

On the other hand, when these creatures start coming indoors, they become pests – real quick! Visit our main page to see what all we offer in: (Residential Pest Control)

Got Ants? We can help!

Ant Control in Camarillo

Ants are the most frequent and persistent pests encountered around the home. They contaminate food, leave traces of salmonella on your counters and floors, and build unsightly mounds on your property.

In Camarillo, Argentine ants are the main culprits for ant problems, not just in the summer months but year-round.  Your Hearts service professional knows how to identify and treat Argentine ants and other ant species.

Some ants prefer sweets while others like protein so it is important to know what type of ant you’re dealing with in order to eliminate and prevent future infestations.

Spider Control

Most people know that black widow spiders have a red hourglass on their abdomen, but many don’t know that brown widows also have an hourglass, an orange colored one.

Spanish Hills in Camarillo, CA

Another way to tell the difference is, unlike black widows, brown widows have striped legs and spiky cream-colored egg sacs.

The brown widow is an invader that is displacing our native black widows and their venom is stronger but they don’t release as much as does the black widow which is why they’re considered less toxic.

Your Hearts Service Professional - Mike Vendevender - Ready to Assist!

Brown widows tend to hide under things such as patio furniture, and BBQs. They will also hide in and under children’s playthings if left outdoors.

Hearts not only treats for spiders; we will remove webs up to the first level and even get the brown widows under your patio furniture for you!

Check out our main page on Spider Control.

Landscape Pest Control in Camarillo

We provide Camarillo residents and business owners with free landscape inspections.

Our team will do their best to keep your plants and shrubs looking beautiful and as pest-free as possible! Landscape and Garden Pest Control

It’s not just insects that can ruin your

We can help keep your flowering plants and shrubs looking healthy.

garden, gophers will pull young plants and seedlings out by the roots.

Squirrels can become a hazard to the structure of your home the way they burrow under the foundation. And rats, they’ll make nests for rat babies.

Here are just some of the landscape services we offer:

  • Aphids and Whitefly
  • Fungus and Black Sooty Mold
  • Scale Insects and Mealy Bugs
  • Gophers and Squirrels
  • Rats and Mice
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Snails and Crickets

Rat and Mice Control

Access point where rats got inside an attic.

You may see a rat or mouse outdoors occasionally but if there’s a small gap, crack, or broken screen, they will find their way indoors.

At Hearts, we provide full rodent remediation from trapping and attic clean-up, to an exclusion – blocking any access points where mice and rats can get in.

Outdoors, we have a monthly rodent baiting service or, if you prefer, weekly and bi-weekly trapping.

Visit our page on Rat and Mice Control for detailed information on what we have to offer in terms of rodent remediation and prevention. By the way, our rodent inspections are free-of-charge!

Old Town – Camarillo

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is an integral part of any business but especially in the hospitality and food industries.

We offer Camarillo businesses free commercial inspections with a plan to suit your company’s needs. Visit Commercial Pest Control to learn more of what we have to offer.

We can and do provide green pest control for organic food manufacturers and restaurants, medical and other care facilities, schools, hotels, retirement and veterinarian facilities – just to name a few!

Not the cleanest of commercial kitchens! Sanitation is key to a pest-free food establishment.

At Hearts Pest Management, we are growing in our Green / Organic pest control year in and year out.

Yes, we do admit to being exterminators, but it's only one aspect of a much larger job, and responsibility, to help keep nature in balance.

We try to be in tune with nature rather than work against it.

We really are a different sort of pest control company … try us today! Ask about our free inspections.

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