Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Control Service in San Diego

Where who we service comes before what we service

We are contrarian in pest control - different and better in so many ways!
How so? We put people first.
Speaking to you as the owner of Hearts Pest Management, let me share that I entered pest control in my mid-40s, after careers in social service and as a managerial leader for some of the best companies in the world, with an excellent record of professional development and public service.

As a thinking pest control professional I don't simply kill things. I am proud to be an industry outsider - with a different and more sensitive understanding of pest management, which has huge environmental impacts - for you and the community.

Exterminators are too proud of what they do - kill things. But, if we don't put people first, we will do more harm than good!. That's where other pest control companies consistently fail.

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic pest control.

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic pest control.

Hearts Pest Management is consistently focused on the environmental impacts that place pest pressures on your lifestyle and your property, as well as the environmental impacts of what we do. We understand the cycle of life.

We can't just kill. Modern pest control professionals must understand what we add and what we subtract from the environment.

A Little Hearts' History

Hearts Pest Management began in my garage several years ago in suburban San Diego. We service the city of San Diego every day and have been for many years.
We are very familiar with the micro-climates and unique local conditions such as home and residential density that have a huge impact on the success or failure of pest control treatments. By the way, we always begin with an inspection and you always receive a free pest control inspection.

"Our name would be the death of us, if we did not have a Heart," is a phrase I grind into our staff day after day. Hearts Pest Management - The pest control company with a heart.. and that's the core difference between us and the competition.

We value our employees and treat them with respect!

We value our employees and treat them with respect!

Hearts pest control services are customized to your needs, localized conditions and budget, with many options to choose from. Our unique employee philosophy empowers our staff give you 110 percent.

I hope you will learn more about our Award Winning Approach to Employees as Recognized by the San Diego Business Journal.

Here are just some of the neighborhoods in the City of San Diego we currently service:

Hillcrest; Kensington Park

Customized Pest Control Plans

Choose our well received Residential Pest Control or our "Green Thumb" Pest Control Service. We have here the first and only EcoWise Certified) service in Southern California!

The EcoWise Certification was actually designed by our most environmentally-conscious California state regulatory agencies. Whichever service you choose, we'll customize them so you feel it was assembled just for you.

You want pest control products that work. You also deeply care about the environmental and personal impacts of pesticides. "Safe pest control" is not a phrase that a pest control company can legally use in California. We can provide you with "peace of mind."

Explore our website for Custom Pest Control Services

  • Home Invading Insects - ants, spiders, earwigs and other home invading insects
  • fleas and ticks
  • Landscape pests - organics are available for the garden too!
  • Rats and Mice - Trapping, "Exclusion" to stop entry, total clean up and restoration available
  • Gophers and Squirrels
  • Bee Control and Honeycomb Removal
  • Mites and parasites. (Most all rodents and birds have them!
  • Bed Bug Control - reduced pesticide approaches available

We provide pest control service any kind of business you can imagine:

  • senior facilities and nursing homes
  • senior facilities and nursing homes
  • hotels and motels
  • restaurants and caterers
  • recreational facilities
  • parks and gardens
  • non-profit agencies
  • rehabilitation and dependency treatment programs
  • organic factories, distributors and retailers
  • animal shelters and rescue
  • property management - apartment and condo complexes
  • office parks

Who we service comes before what we service. Isn't that how it should be?

See the Hearts Pest Management difference for yourself. We are here to serve you day in and day out. Please call us today at:

619-440-6080 or 800-986-1006

Thank you,

Gerry Weitz, President
Hearts Pest Management, Inc.

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