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It is not easy to hire the right person for any job. In the pest control industry, it can be exceptionally difficult to find the right candidate: positive, articulate, hard working, ethical and team oriented. Kia was a great find. Below her picture is a wonderful review we received on this new pest control techncian.

Kia Goode, recently hired pest control technician

Kia Goode, pest control technician

“Hi Gerry,

I am writing to share my experience with your employee, Kia.

I just wanted you to know that in my brief interaction with Kia today, her friendliness and professionalism was excellent, and really appreciated. I usually never arrive home from work early enough to encounter your employees, and I know nothing of the pest control treatment that is actually applied on Heart’s visits. (Until today, I have only known that Hearts was another bill to pay.) Having met Kia today, and having paid attention to the various treatments she applied today, I was impressed.

I just thought you should know that Kia makes a terrific first impression, seems to have a great work ethic, really cares about the customer, and is a great representation of your firm. The employees on the front lines can make or break your relationship with your customer base, and she has certainly cemented ours in the brief time we interacted. She may be relatively new, but she’s a terrific asset to your firm.

(And – my wife Jackie gives Rob very high marks too!)

Kind regards, R.B. —- Inspiration Lane Escondido, CA 92025 Acct 13524″


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A Pest Management Technician’s Journey

Friday March 8, 2013
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The Interview at Hearts Pest Management for Pest Control Technician

Justin Quiroz - Hearts Pest Management Technician

Justin Quiroz – Hearts Pest Management

It´s hard to believe that it´s been two and a half years since I rushed into Gerry´s office for an interview.

Truth be told, at the time I didn´t quite know what to expect. I had only ever worked for large companies, never a locally owned business. All kinds of little variables were popping up in my head…

What could this interview lead to? Is this the right move for me? What´s this “Gerry” character going to be like? Read more


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Same Quality Pest Control

Thursday August 2, 2012
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Same Quality Pest Control

It´s been a little over a year since I first started here at Hearts. It´s remarkable how quickly time has flown. It´s also remarkable how much has changed.

Just since I´ve arrived, there have been new policies, new laws, products, rules, regulations, lions, tigers, and bears, etc.

The good thing is that we´re all in a constant state of evolution at Hearts.

I´ve learned plenty from the veterans here (some of whom you may have had the pleasure of meeting) and it seems that professional growth here is paramount. You can never learn too much from someone or gain too much exposure to any aspect of our business.

Education and training seem to be ongoing. No one here is allowed to be a generic “spray jockey.” Read more

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Journey of a New Employee at Hearts Pest Management

Learning a Work Ethic

My father always made it a point to teach a strong work ethic to me.

He believes in the somewhat extinct philosophy of a character-driven society; as was ingrained in him by my grandfather (of which I happen to be a cosmetic genetic replica of, by the way.) Read more


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This morning I was browsing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) educational websites. The University of Massacheussets IPM Extension provided a definition of IPM that is consistent within the industry. What I found somewhat unique about the site was that it identified an IPM point system that was applied to numerous crops, such as this scorecard of Apple IPM guidelines. I really don’t know much about how to score IPM practice for apples, but it is as good a scoring system as any.What I have noticed as a weakness in IPM is the lack of focus on customers and workers. Read more

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