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Cheese Mites

Thursday January 24, 2013
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Cheese Mites – France’s Mimolette

The next time you´re eating out, you may think twice about ordering “extra cheese.”  Did you know that some cheeses have mites?  And there are other cheeses that have maggots?  What´s gross to some of us is but a delicacy to others….  personally, I love cheese and like trying different varieties but after researching cheese mites, I´ve decided a part-time job as a cheese connoisseur is not for me!

Mimolette Cheese French Mimolette Cheese: The textured crust is caused by cheese mites. Doesn’t look too unusual, right? Keep reading! Read more


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Do Good Mites Exist?

Tuesday July 26, 2011
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Good Mites are Predatory Mites


Good mites are predatory mites.

In this Israel 21 century article about predatory mites and strawberry production, from a fascinating magazine covering the latest in Israeli innovations, you will learn about the work of Dr. Shimon Steinberg of Bio-Bee. Read more


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For common home invading insects and arachnids like ants, spiders and earwigs, even outdoor roaches that come in sporadically, we are able to price over the phone. These situations we handle day in and day out. This type of work is predictable enough that we can price up-front. Read more

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