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HeartsPM Selected for EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

Hearts Pest Management, based on a record of past IPM (integrated pest management) accomplishments and a firm commitment to the goals of IPM, was approved for membership in the U.S. EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP).

This new membership will provide Hearts a new avenue to share and learn additional ways to reduce the potential health and environmental risks associated with pesticide use. By joining, Hearts has pledged to be guided in all its’ actions by “environmental stewardship” as an integral part of pest management. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of non-chemical strategies as well as pesticide focused strategies to assure best outcomes for both our clients and the overall welfare of our environment.

EPA’s Frank Ellis states, “I am pleased that Hearts Pest Management is taking a leadership role, along with our other members, in working with the EPA on environmental stewardship.”


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Quit Smoking Payout

Thursday December 1, 2011
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Hearts Pest Management has had in place a unique benefit promise to pay employees to stop smoking. This week the company came through as promised with the first payout to an employee who took the challenge and remained cigarette smoke free for one year, with a bonus check of $500!For more on this unique policy for a pest control company, see:

Get Paid to Quit Smoking

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Opening Along Rt 101 and Rt 210 in Los Angeles

Saturday August 13, 2011
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April 2011: Service is now available throughout “The Valley” of Northern Los Angeles County, excluding Santa Clarita.We will be in Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Encino, Van Nuys, Burbank, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Altadena and many other towns in Los Angeles along Rt 101 and R210.

Give us a call. Try the new service in town that offers green pest control solutions and very customized services across a wide spectrum of pest control needs.

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