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Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

The Green and Organic Pest Control Standard

Santa Monica residents take comfort and have pride when working with Hearts Pest Management, the 1st pest control company to become EcoWise Certified in Southern California. EcoWise became the one and only California government initiated integrated pest management standard for green pest control and remains under the guidance of an environmental watch organization - the Bio-Integral Resource Center.

For innovative pest control that leads with demonstrated concern for the family and our ecology, choose Hearts EcoWise Certified green pest control with standards!

Select organic and minimized risk plans for homes and gardens.

Hearts IPM certificate

Our EcoWise Certified "Green Thumb" pest control service is actually used by many businesses. We have found a receptive audience among diverse businesses: organic factories and organic restaurants, clean enterprises, such as bio-techs and medical facilities and pet shelters, and property managers who listen to the concerns of their most sensitive tenants.

We offer many more pest control services for your needs in Santa Monica:

Santa Monica Residential Pest Control

We offer comprehensive residential services to keep your home at its best!

Argentine ants ruthlessly pursue food sources. When not able to get water and food needs met by outdoor food sources, such as aphid honeydew on citrus trees, these ants will enter your home for water, sugars or proteins. Ants are social insects, moving quickly in groups, even moving their colonies indoors.

Spiders are a serious concern among those calling in. Spider bites can be particularly painful and nasty. Black widows are common and while brown recluse spiders do not exist in southern California, we do have brown widows as well.

1st EcoWise Certified employee in So. California

Santa Monica Landscape / Garden Pest Control

plant pest causing curl and disfigurement
Employee Passionate about landscapes.

Santa Monica Commerical Pest Control

Stopping entry of pigeons
Bakery setting - rodent remediation


Santa Monica Ants and Spiders

Friendly residential pest control technician

Bees, mice, rats and birds share a tendency to look for homes with small protective openings to a large open void. Santa Monica has many older homes that have developed access problems over the years and newer ones that, let's face it, could have been built better and more tightly, to keep pests out. It doesn't take much to insects, rodents and birds to gain access to a building: an open vent, a crack under an eave, a rotted out doorway corner or an uncovered A/C uptake duct to attract these pests.

Santa Monica Bee Removal

Bees entering electrical box

Bees entering under 2nd story eave

Santa Monica Rats & Mice Pest Control

Rat entrance point detected with insulation removal.
Rat damage in attic - pretty nasty stuff!

Santa Monica Gophers Pest Control

Santa Monica Bird Pest Control

Bird exclusion on lighting fixtures.

Of course, the nastiest new pest in Santa Monica is the bed bug. For the pest several years, the bed bug epidemic has been making its' way through Santa Monica, arriving with world travellers, business people, students, migrants and the homeless - finding homes to infest among all economic classes. Unfortunately, many of those homes and businesses are right here in Santa Monica

Hearts Pest Management has developed extensive pest control specialties that eliminate all these pests. More importantly, we will create pest barriers, so they will not re-enter.

The best time to eliminate a pest problem is now! Too often, we have found homes totally ravaged by pests that have not been evicted.

The reasons are simple:

      • 1) You are too busy to deal with them.
      • 2) You find it easier to delay dealing with an uncomfortable subject.
      • 3) You know that they pose hazards and don't want to risk personal contact
      • 4) You are not physically able to reach them where they hide.
      • 5) You have tried and thought it was hopeless.
      • 6) You didn't want to pay to have it treated.
    • 7) You had it treated and the pest company did not solve the recurring problem.

The bad news is that avoiding the problem will only create a larger problem!

      • 1) Destruction
      • 2) Foul Odors
      • 3) Contamination
      • 4) Infection
      • 5) Allergic Symptoms
      • 6) Illness and Disease
      • 7) Fire Hazard
    • 8) Decreased Home Values!

Hearts pest control service has comprehensive solutions for these problems!

Hearts Management has garden pest services as well for damage by rodents of all types: rats, mice, gophers and squirrels. When working with rodents, our first job is to avoid "collateral damage." While we work with the pests, we will be placing heavy emphasis on avoiding harm to pets.

Santa Monica is a city with many rental properties. Controlling pests is just one necessary job that good tenants and landlords will address.

Why is it important for you as the tenant to address pest issues?

      • 1) You live in the infestation and it is you who will face the consequences of that infestation.
      • 2) You don't want to spread an infestion to your family, friends and neighbors.
      • 3) Though you think the landlord will pay, you could be stuck with the bill, perhaps rightly so, for an unattended infestation that is allowed to fester.
      • 4) Interior pest infestations can lead to chronic illness and acute physical and mental stress.
      • 5) Pest infestations are unsanitary and destroy the quality of your life.
    • 6) While landlords may not like tenants who complain, even more, they dislike tenants who damage their property and lower the value of their rentals.

Why is it important for you as the landlord to address pest issues?

      • 1) You bare responsibility for the quality of life of the tenant to the degree that you de facto provide a "warranty of habitability." Breaking that promise can put you on the losing end of a tenant-landlord lawsuit.
      • 2) The longer you wait to solve the pest problem the more likely the pest control bill will rise, not just to the pest control company but it related costs such as alternative housing when your apartment is uninhabitable.
      • 3) You could end up paying the medical bills and even the therapeutic bills of traumatized tenants.
      • 4) You want to achieve high rentals not possible when an apartment becomes infested.
      • 5) While landlords may not like tenants who complain, a good landlord will be grateful that the tenant was there to detect the problem and communicate it, so you could solve the problem quickly before it gets totally out of control.
    • 6) You are a good landlord and take pride in the property you rent.

Good tenant-landlord relationships require a partnership of interests. Do-It-Yourself solutions will only go so far and actually could make the problem worse as a true solution gets delayed and the problem spreads. Property managers and tenants turn to Hearts for comprehensive pest control services each and every day. That's what we do and we do it well.

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Terence Cannon

We were told by a junk hauler that some junk we wanted to haul away contained bedbugs. They refused to take it. We looked up Hearts on the internet (Santa Monica’s 10 best pest removers). Bill came out, made a careful inspection and determined there were no bed bugs there nor had there ever been.… Read more “Terence Cannon”

April 2, 2019
Santa Monica, Ca.

We were told by a junk hauler that some junk we wanted to haul away contained bedbugs. They refused to take it. We looked up Hearts on the internet (Santa Monica’s 10 best pest removers). Bill came out, made a careful inspection and determined there were no bed bugs there nor had there ever been. He wrote a report to that effect, saving us money and impressing us with his honesty and thoroughness. Thank you, HPM!