Pest Control Service in Yucaipa

Hearts Pest Management is in Yucaipa, CA to meet some serious pest control needs that typically arise in a very hot and dry environment. Yucaipa has residences, industrial and commercial strips, side by side, surrounded by rural lands that provide a ready supply of pests!


Historic Downtown Yucaipa, CA

Here our some of our main pest control services:

Only Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Pest Control with a Difference

Hearts Pest Management's service for residential, commercial and landscape pests is active in Yucaipa for one reason only - we focus heavily on the communications side of pest control service that others overlook.

We listen to your unique needs and concerns. And, we offer alternatives such as our Green / Organic Pest Control program.

Our service professionals are EcoWise Certified

Fire Ants on Popsicle Stick

Where there are one or two ants, many more will follow! We can help!

Pest Control Budget and Schedule

We offer monthly, every other month and quarterly maintenance plans. Your Hearts' service technician will outline a customized pest control service plan to fulfill your unique needs and meet your budget.

Living or working in the City of Yucaipa can be excruciatingly hot! We suggest monthly or bi-monthly pest control service if your budget allows.

Regardless of your pest control schedule and frequency of service, your pest control warranty is assured - to give you the peace of mind you desire.

Ants and Spiders

So, is Yucaipa a humongous anthill? It certainly seems like it, especially during spring and summer!

But did you know that ants can also go crazy in the winter during heavy rains, winds or during fire season?

Hearts Pest Management has been solving ant problems for many years. We attack spider problems as well, starting with exterior chemical free web dusting.

Gotcha! Female Black Widow caught our service technician.

Eliminating insects, spider food source, and habitat modification, will go a long way to eliminating a spider problem.

Austin Russell - Hearts Pest Management Field Service Representative

Some of the Many Pests We Service

This website is built with the information seeker in mind. We have lots of great information on:

Hearts Pest Management is pleased and prepared to service both residential and commercial customers in Yucaipa.

Let us demonstrate what this very unique pest control company can do differently and better for you and your neighbors!

Call today or email us your information and a caring Hearts customer service representative will get back to you shortly!


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