Same Quality Pest Control Thursday August 2, 2012
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Same Quality Pest Control

It´s been a little over a year since I first started here at Hearts. It´s remarkable how quickly time has flown. It´s also remarkable how much has changed.

Just since I´ve arrived, there have been new policies, new laws, products, rules, regulations, lions, tigers, and bears, etc.

The good thing is that we´re all in a constant state of evolution at Hearts.

I´ve learned plenty from the veterans here (some of whom you may have had the pleasure of meeting) and it seems that professional growth here is paramount. You can never learn too much from someone or gain too much exposure to any aspect of our business.

Education and training seem to be ongoing. No one here is allowed to be a generic “spray jockey.” Spray Jockey: Noun (exclusive to the pest control technician´s subculture) : An individual who speedily applies a pesticide blindly in the same manner for every household. Typically, a spray jockey doesn´t ever attempt to solve a problem as much as he/she tries to get through his/her work day.

Amidst the giant sea of changes that our industry seems to be floating in, I´m delighted, no, THRILLED to see one constant – and it´s an important one…

Our goal is the same and the results we produce don´t change.

It seems that more and more companies are cutting back on their service or product, and I´m not just talking about pest control here, folks.

(“Large” pizzas seem a littler smaller, don´t they? Think about it…)

However, Hearts hasn´t followed this ongoing trend…. And I definitely would have noticed by now. I´m no longer “the new guy,” after all. That title has since been passed down a few times in the past year and a half.

In my time here I´ve never once heard a whisper of providing a lesser service just for the sake of getting a customer to sign up with us.

Gerry, the president of our company, has always made it a point to emphasize that our goal is to make the customer happy, not to promise less for cheaper… And believe me, in our monthly company meetings this has ALWAYS been voiced in one form or another.

The sentiment echoes through the ranks here. There´s not one of us who doesn´t take pride in what we do, so the idea of doing less work doesn´t bode well. After all, just because our economy isn´t completely stable doesn´t mean that you, the customer, should be seeing anything less than the results you were initially promised.

On the occasion  that the EPA takes a product that we’ve grown accustomed to using off the market (and this HAS happened) we have a simple, straight forward strategy – We get familiar with a new product as quickly as possible in order to deliver you the same consistent results.

Baseball legend Billy Beane once said “Adapt or die.” I highly doubt he meant “Regress, lower your expectations and hope that people still want you around.”

Regardless of how hard we work, it´s easy being employed at a place that encourages you to keep your head high and work in a way that gives you a little more room for pride.

Give us a call. We´ll take care of you.

–          Justin Q. (Pest Control Consultant with Hearts Pest Management)

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