Downtown Riverside, CA

Downtown Riverside has been restored into a quaint, artistic area for residents and visitors to enjoy and spend an afternoon visiting sites such as the historic Mission Inn or stopping in for coffee at the local “Back to the Grind,” a very hip sort of coffee house.

Pest Control in the City of Riverside, CA

Riverside, CA has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Insects, such as the invasive Argentine ant is a year-round pest for Riverside businesses and homeowners.

Other ant species are attracted to the climate as well but can't seem to make up their mind ... either they're marching indoors in search of water or in winter, they come inside to get away from water!

1. Ant Control in Riverside

2. Riverside Gopher Control

3. Spider Control

4. Rodent Control in Riverside

A Little Riverside History

The City of Riverside in Riverside County is home of Southern California’s first naval orange tree.
In 1874, Activist-Spiritualist, Eliza Tibbets, received three naval orange trees from Brazil.
Tibbets cultivated the orange trees in hopes that Riverside’s Mediterranean climate would support citrus grow.

Riverside, CA - Home of Southern California's First Naval Orange

Eliza Tibbets - Orange Queen of Southern California

Eliza Tibbets - Orange Queen of Southern California

Two of Eliza's trees survived, the third was trampled by a cow in its first year. When Tibbits presented her oranges at agricultural fairs, people took notice.

The hybrid orange soon launched the citrus industry in southern California. Tibbets became known as the “Queen of the Naval Orange.”

Statue of Eliza Tibbets – California’s Naval Orange Queen, Riverside.

Statue of Eliza Tibbets in downtown Riverside, sculpted by Guy Wilson.

Eliza Tibbets - Riverside Citrus Pioneer

Before coming to California, Tibbets was very active in social causes, including universal suffrage and freemen’s rights.
Tibbits, however, will be remembered by Californian's as the first person to bring us the naval orange!

By 1895, people from the east began to buy up tracks of land in Riverside, growing their own groves of naval oranges.
Riverside soon became one of the wealthiest cities in southern California.

Riverside Pest Management

Riverside's Mediterranean climate may be great for growing citrus but it also is a reason residents in Riverside as well as business owners have pest issues year-round. Argentine ants are a real problem, while most ants go for sweets, these ants like protein. If you have trails of ants leading to the dog or cat food, most likely they are Argentine ants.

Ant Control in Riverside

Odorous house ants

Odorous house ants caring for their larvae.

The ants are marching one by one … right into your kitchen or bathroom, depending on whether they are hungry or thirsty, or both. The other most common ant species in the Riverside area are Odorous House ants.

Odorous house ants, when crushed, smell like rotten coconut. Argentine ants, invaders from South America, are tiny ants that are hardest to control with do-it-yourself treatments. When Argentine ants are crushed, they give off a musty odor.

Argentine Ant

Ants are year-round in southern California!

One of the reasons it’s hard to use a DIY treatment with Argentine ants is because, unlike most ant species that have a single queen, Argentine ants have multiple queens. The results of DIY methods often causes greater infestations because when threatened, Argentine ants will move an entire colony within hours or break up into multiple colonies.

Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals are experts at identifying and treating for all ant species, including invasive Argentine ants. Treatment can be done with traditional or organic methods, or a combination of both, depending on the infestation.

Pocket Gopher

Pocket Gopher

Riverside Gopher Control

You know you have gophers when you see mounds of fresh soil.
Gopher mounds are shaped like a ‘C’ and the hole is usually off to the side where it is plugged.

Loose dirt from the mound is dirt that has been pushed to the surface from tunneling.
Gophers like moist soil, easy for digging – nicely watered lawns, flowers, and vegetable gardens are prime real estate for gophers. These irrigated areas will keep gophers active all year round.

Flowering plants, shrubs, and lawns can be expensive to replace once gophers start causing damage. Hearts recommends a monthly gopher service in which our professionals will do monthly inspections and check for not only mounds but tunnels near and under shrubs/plants.

We provide gopher inspections free-of-charge

Garden Orb-weaver

Orb-weaver spiders are beneficial to the landscape.

Spider Control

For Riverside residents, the most harmful spiders to be wary of are the black and brown widow spiders. Other outdoor spiders like orb-weavers are actually beneficial to your garden and landscape.

Orb-weavers are the spiders that weave large, intricate webs to catch garden pests. They look big and scary but if you think of orb-weavers as “natural pest control agents,” your garden will surely benefit.

Harmful Spiders

Female Black Widow Spider

The female Black widow spider has a red hourglass shape.

Black and Brown widow spiders, unlike orb-weavers, make messy Halloween-looking webs. These spiders don’t hang out in the middle of tree trunks, legs stretched out for all the world to see, they hide!

black and brown widows are sneaky; some of their favorite hiding places are dark corners, under patio furniture and on BBQ’s, not to mention children’s outdoor play equipment!

Black widows have a red hourglass on their abdomen while brown widows have an orange one. Brown widow egg sacs are spiky and cream color which makes them easily identifiable.

Spiders such as the black and brown widow have to be eliminated on contact and their egg sacs destroyed. If you have a lot of spiders, it’s because you also have a lot of insects – a spider’s food source.

Hearts will eliminate spiders and their egg sacs, remove any accessible webs around the perimeter of your home, and provide educational information about spiders, the harmful and beneficial spiders, and also show you areas where spiders tend to hide.

Going Green with Hearts Pest Management

EcoWise Certified

Hearts Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified for Organic Applications.

Brown widow spider

Brown widows have an orange hourglass and cream-colored, spiky-looking egg sacs.

Our approach is more than getting rid of pests, it’s finding out why they are invading your home. Hearts works with you to find the right solutions to your pest problems. It’s a team effort between homeowners and our service reps to ensure the health of family is foremost while treating pest issues.

Hearts Pest Management will develop a pest management program that will satisfy both your needs while creating as little impact on the environment as possible. Our “Greenthumb” program is recommended for families with small children and/or pets, or individuals with sensitivity to product.

Rodent Control in Riverside

Hearts Pest Management provides free inspections for Riverside residents.

We can help homeowners with mice and rat problems by providing trapping and remediation, baiting, attic cleanouts, and exclusions (finding and blocking off access points).
Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime.

Although rats are bigger, rats will use the same size hole, chew around it until its large enough, and then squeeze there big bodies through it and into your home.

Roof Rat

Roof rats are excellent climbers and use trees to gain access into attics.

Fall is always a good time to trim tree branches back; otherwise, roof rats can use the branches to crawl over onto the roof and into an attic.

If you have a rodent infestation, it’s important to take care of the problem as soon as possible for the following reasons:

Rats and mice carry and spread diseases that are harmful to humans and pets.

Fleas on rodents can be affected by plague which can then be transmitted to humans by a flea bite or actual rat bite.

Food in pantries where mice and rats have been can be contaminated by urine and feces leading to food poisoning.

A bite from and infected rat can cause rat-bite fever.

Some rats carry tapeworms.

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