Pest Control in Temecula, CA

Temeekunga – "The Place of the Sun" (Luiseño)
Temecula, CA is considered to have a Mediterranean climate but for those who live in the Valley, most would say it feels more like a dry, hot desert climate.

Temperatures in the middle of the summer can rise well over 100 degrees, with record highs at around 115°!

All this heat brings out a variety of pests, especially ants!

Old Town Temecula

Old Town Temecula, CA - Downtown Temecula resembles big city life in the evenings, from country line dancing to fancy restaurants and bars.

Ant Control for Temecula

During spring and summer, ants start marching into homes in search of food and water; in the winter, when it rains, ants come indoors to get away from the water. Temecula residents, the most common ant species is the invasive Argentine ant.

Argentine Ant

Ants are a year-round problem in Temecula, especially during the spring and summer months!

Argentine ants are hard to control with “do-it-yourself” methods because they can move their colonies within hours, either to escape when threatened or take advantage of a new food source.
Since Argentine ants have more than one queen and can break off into multiple colonies, these do-it-yourself methods are often unsuccessful.

Hearts Pest Management is recognized by California’s Environmental Protection Agency as an innovator in Integrated Pest Management.

Hearts Pest Management is recognized by California’s Environmental Protection Agency

The most effective pest control is to find and treat the Argentine ant nest. Queen ants must be eliminated to properly eradicate a colony. Hearts Service Professionals are experts at identifying and treating for Argentine ants.

Pest Control for Spiders
Landscape Pest Control
Pantry Pests

Hearts - An Environmentally Conscious Company

Hearts Pest Management has a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs in Temecula, CA. We are an award-winning company recognized as Southern California's leader in organic pest control methods.

Our Greenthumb program is popular with both residential and commercial customers, especially families with small children and/or pets, the elderly, and individuals sensitive to chemicals – we can help!

Austin Russell - Hearts Pest Management Field Service Representative

A Hearts Pest Management Professional

Meet Austin Russell – Austin is a conscientious and dedicated employee, Hearts is happy to have Austin as part of our team.
He will inspect your property, make recommendations (like trimming back tree branches from the roof so rats won’t have easy access) and he will only treat according to your needs.

Pantry Pests - Weevils and Beetles

Ever opened up a bag of flour that’s been sitting in your cupboard and found it full of the “weevil-beetles? “ There’s a way to keep them from hatching in the flour, yes – hatching.

Larvae from the flour beetle is often already in your flour when you purchase it from the store! To keep the beetles from becoming adults, put your flour and other like goods in the freezer.
The flour beetle, often referred to as a weevil, invades flour, cereals, cornstarch, pancake flour, and other foods.

Flour weevil

Black and Red Flour Beetles are sometimes referred to as weevils.

Drugstore beetle

Drugstore Beetles feed on a variety of foods found in the pantry.

Drugstore beetles are quite common, especially in warmer climates. They were named so because Drugstore beetles originally fed on pharmaceutical drugs but now they feed on a variety of things.

The beetles often enter the home via bulk items of food such as birdseed and dry pet food. Cleaning cupboards regularly and vacuuming crevices in food cabinets will keep these pests at bay, however, if you have an infestation, Hearts Pest Management can treat for a variety of pantry-type pests.

Pest Control for Spiders in Temecula

Black and brown widows eat a variety of insects, therefore if you have a lot of spiders, it's because there are many insects around your home.

Spiders can be controlled by treating and eliminating their food source – either with traditional pesticides or organic methods. It’s important to web dust frequently, especially during summer and fall.

Black and Brown Widow Spiders

Brown and Black Widow Females – Note the spiky egg sac of the Brown Widow.

Widow Spiders

Widow spiders are solitary and like to hide in dark, undisturbed places.
Females not only produce about 300 eggs per sac, they can store sperm to create up to 10 egg sacs over several months, that’s 3000 spiderlings a year!

Hearts Pest Management professionals are experts at finding widow hiding places and perimeter of your home or business.

Rat and Mice Control

"There's a Mouse in the House!"

Damage in attic by roof rats

Damage to an attic by rats.

Roof Rat

Roof rats are the most common rodent to enter homes, especially during winter.

In Temecula, Roof rats and mice are often troublesome; they come indoors in search of food and shelter, contaminating your home with their urine and feces. Hearts Pest Management offers free rodent inspections for both commercial and residential customers.

We provide trapping, exclusion work (blocking of access points), and attic clean-outs.

Landscape Pest Control in Temecula

Aphids are often green in color, depending on the species, with long slender mouthparts that they use to pierce and then suck out fluids from tender parts of plants, usually the leaves.

Large populations of aphids will cause leaves to discolor, turning them yellow.

Leaf with aphids and whiteflies

Aphids and whiteflies damage leaves of trees and shrubs.

The honeydew an aphid emits from its rear is a sticky substance that can cause a black, sooty-looking fungus to grow on leaves and stems of plants.
Besides damage to plants, aphids are a two-fold type of pest because the more aphids you have, the more ants come around in search of the sweet honeydew aphids provide.

In exchange for honeydew, ants protect aphids from other predators by “herding” them into safe areas. This ant behavior is called “farming,” providing the colony with a stable food source. If you have your plants treated for aphids, you’ll have fewer ants.

Pest Control for Roses with Hearts Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management offers both organic and traditional pest management solutions for treating roses for pests and fungus such as aphids and powdery mildew.
Our Service Representatives are trained in rose care to ensure the best form of treatment for eliminating various types of pests rose bushes often attract.

pink rose and rosebud

Hearts will help to keep your roses looking beautiful and pest-free.

Hard pruning of roses

January is the time of year for “hard pruning.”

Roses get tiny green caterpillars that look like inch worms called “Rose Slugs.” The caterpillar is the larva of a Sawfly.
Damage from rose slugs causes what is called "skeletonization" of the leaves, leaving large holes and just the outline and veins of the leaves.

Summer pests on roses also include aphids, powdery mildew, rust, and black spot.
On the other hand, in Southern California we have insects and fungal diseases all year round, making it very important to keep a pest maintenance plan throughout the year.

Plus, many types of insects will overwinter on rose bushes. Hearts will help eliminate any overwintering invaders and summer pests.
Hearts Pest Management provides landscape inspections - free-of-charge!

Rose Slug

Rose Slugs “skeletonize” the leaves of rose bushes. The Sawfly larva eats holes into a rose leaf until all that is left is the frame of the leaf.

Here are Some of the Pest Control Services We Provide to Temecula Residents and Business Owners:

General Pest Control - ants, spiders, earwigs, outdoor fleas, and Oriental roaches.

Green and Organic Pest Management for residential and landscape.

Rat and Mice Control - rodent trapping and baiting, attic clean-out and exclusion.

Bird Control - single story nest removal, clean-up and prevention.

Wasps and Bees - removal and honeycomb cleanup.

Commercial Pest Management - restaurants, hotels, retirement centers, churches,
schools, industrial facilities, and medical centers.

Roach Control - Oriental roaches (water bugs), kitchen infestations of American
and German roaches.

Landscape Pest Management - aphids, whitefly, grubs, snails, fungus, flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.

Fleas - inside and outdoor flea treatments.

Gopher and Squirrel Treatment - Hearts can save landscapes and plants from damage by gophers and squirrels.

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