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Pest Control Services in Eastvale

Hearts Pest Management is in Eastvale meeting serious pest control needs that arise in a very hot, often congested, environment. Eastvale is a combination of residential homes and commercial strip malls, side by side, and surrounded by rural lands. For this reason, there is never a lack of pests!

The City of Eastvale in Riverside County, CA is a family-oriented community with beautiful homes, parks, and lots of shopping in Eastvale’s Gateway Plaza.

Superior Pest Control Service

Hearts Pest Management is number one in southern California when it comes to organic and general pest control. Backed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) - we focus heavily on the communications side of pest control service that other companies often overlook.

Hearts is the only pest control company in SoCal to win the IPM award from the EPA!

Our customers in Eastvale are amazed by the variety of services and schedules we offer for pest control.

The general pest control service and EcoWise Certified Green / Organic Pest Control covers ants, spiders, earwigs and many other nuisance insects that invade homes and businesses.

We care about the welfare of your family and pets. That’s why we’re EcoWise Certified!

Explore our core pest control services:

Residential and Landscape Pest Control in Eastvale

Eastvale’s climate is one of many factors we will consider when it comes to controlling pests. Hearts will inspect your property and listen to your needs and concerns before making a recommendation of any additional pest control service you may benefit from, such as landscape pest.

Hearts provides Eastvale homes with a variety of residential pest control from insects and rodents to landscape pests.

If you have Hibiscus trees, your service technician may notice something white on the leaves – whiteflies. Maybe the leaves of your favorite shrub are starting to curl and discolor.

Checking underneath the leaves will reveal aphids and Argentine ants. We can treat your plants, trees, and shrubs and keep them looking healthy and beautiful in your garden landscape.

Take a closer look and you can see the ants “farming” aphids.

Ant and Spider Control in Eastvale

In Southern California, we have ants year-round. Your Hearts’ service professional is trained in the food preference of different ant species.

Some ants prefer sweets but other ant species like protein.

This is important because not all products work on certain ants. For instance, some ants prefer protein over sweets, others like them both, and then there’s some that go after grease!

Your service technician will also inspect for any ant nests surrounding your home.

We have both traditional and organic methods for eliminating ants as well as some preventative techniques you can check out on our page: Ant Control.

Creepy, crawly spiders. You see them and you want them gone! There are several species of outdoor spiders called “orb-weavers” that are beneficial in your garden.

Orb Weaver in Web

Yellow and Black Orb Weaver stretched out in the center of her web.

Orb-weavers create big, beautiful, intricate webs to catch flies, caterpillars, beetles, and other landscape pests.

Notice the differences in black and brown widow spiders.

Two spiders that have messy webs and are of medical importance in Eastvale are the black and brown widow spiders.

Black and brown widows are not only toxic but are sometimes hard to find because they hide.

Hearts searches for spiders and removes any webs and egg sacs up to the first level of your home.

Check out our main page on how we deal with spiders at: Spider Control.

Rat and Mice Pest Control and Other Rodents

These mice may look cute but once inside, they’ll create a lot of damage to your home.

New homes, older homes, it doesn’t matter when it comes to rats and mice. They will find a way indoors if even the smallest gap is available.

Hearts has full rodent remediation services to include indoor trapping, exclusion (blocking off where they got in) and attic or crawl space clean-out if necessary.

All rodents carry disease; rats, mice, gophers, squirrels, moles and voles. And fleas! If you believe you have a mouse in the house, call right away and we will provide an inspection free-of-charge.

Gophers create unsightly mounds in your yard that can be dangerous for young children and pets.

Gophers and Squirrels are the most common landscape rodents.

Not only do they dig and create large holes and mounds, they’ll take out your prized plants right from the roots. One day you see it, the next you don’t!

Our gopher and squirrel inspections are also free. Your service technician will inspect and provide you with an estimate for a monthly maintenance plan to keep these plant and lawn destroying rodents at bay.

Commercial Pest Control for Eastvale Business Owners

You know how important it is to have quality pest control for your business. Hearts Pest Management provides a multitude of pest control services; here are a few of the pests we treat for our commercial customers:

Food and beverage facilities often battle roaches and mice.

Rats and mice, roaches, bed bugs, ants, flies and drain flies, dumpster pests, and many more. We have helped schools with sand flies, mice, and general pests; hotels and senior care facilities with bed bugs, you name it, we can control it!

Pest control, like any kind of business, is a joint venture between the customer and the company; at Hearts, we like to consider it a relationship, hopefully long-term!

We want you to feel you are receiving the best customer service and trust that we care about your business.

Please call for more information about our available services at 800-986-1006. Ask about our free inspections.

You can also email us using the contact form below and a knowledgeable customer service representative will respond to you shortly.

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