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The City of Port Hueneme, CA

At Hearts Pest Management, we understand how you might feel hesitate in calling a pest control company; especially if you have sensitivity to pesticides or young children and pets.

Most people worry about the risk of hazardous chemicals involved – and so they should be!

However, rodents, insects, and other pests can cause just as much harm (or more) to your health and the health of your loved ones, including your pets.

EcoWise Certified

We are EcoWise Certified!

Hearts has developed a Green Pest Control Program in which Eco-friendly pest control solutions provide a much better option for your family and/or business.

Green / Organic Pest Control

In the coastal community of Port Hueneme, temperatures are moderate enough that many customers consider our green bi-monthly service best suits their needs year round.

Green Pest Control is available for residents in Port Hueneme!

However, for our Greenthumb - organic pest control plan, we recommend a monthly service during spring and summer, and our winter bi-monthly come fall. You get to choose!

Hearts Pest Management was practicing Green / Organic Pest Control long before it became popular. On that note, not all pest control companies who profess to be green really are green!

Rest assured, our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control applications. Plus, Hearts is the winner of California’s EPA for “Innovated Integrated Pest Management.”

Residential Pest Control

Meet Mike Vandevender
– Your Hearts' Service

Our residential pest control customers are amazed by the variety of services and schedules we offer for pest control. We have regular pest control besides our well-known organic / green program.

Both control ants, spiders, earwigs and many other nuisance insects that invade Port Hueneme homes. But even with the traditional pest control, we use new methods of pest prevention and treat only where and when necessary.

Ant Tunnel

Ants are beneficial outdoors to
aerate the soil but quickly
become pests indoors!

For a full range of pest control services, please visit our main page on Residential Pest Control.

Ant and Spider Control in Port Hueneme

Ants do have their place in nature, aerating the soil and consuming decomposed matter but when they come indoors, then they become pests! And spiders, some act as natural pest control agents in the garden landscape with their big orb webs.

Ant Control

Ants are a year-round problem in Port Hueneme. In spring and summer, they march indoors looking for food and water. Then in winter, they march indoors to get away from the water – rain!

Western spotted orb-weaver spider

Western Spotted Orb-weaver

Have you noticed most ant infestations are by tiny little black or dark brown ants? These are invaders from South America, Argentine ants. They’re difficult to treat with do-it-yourself methods because, unlike other ant species, Argentine ants have more than one queen.

When feeling threatened, one or more of the queens break away and start colonies elsewhere on your property. No problem, our service professionals are experts in treating Argentine ants as well as other ant species.

Spider Control

Living in a coastal city, you may have noticed you have more spiders in Port Hueneme than your inland neighbors; this is due to a behavior called "ballooning."

Ballooning is when a spider climbs up high, then releases a single strand of silk so the winds from the ocean can carry it to new neighborhoods - down the block, or even to the next town.

Because of ballooning, Port Hueneme residents benefit greatly from our monthly maintenance plan.

Above are just a few of the commercial pests ready to get inside the door of your business establishment.00

Not only do we treat for spiders and their food source – insects, but your Hearts’ technician removes any spider webs and egg sacs he finds around the perimeter of your home.

Commercial Pest Control in Port Hueneme

Hearts provides pest control for restaurants, coffee shops, retail establishments, hotels, daycare centers and more!

Many of our commercial customers opt for our Greenthumb maintenance plan to ensure the health of both employees and customers.

Hibiscus trees often succumb to white fly infestations.

We offer business owners a free commercial inspection at which time our service professional will outline a pest control service plan that best suits your needs.

Visit: Commercial Pest Control for a full line of pest control services we offer Port Hueneme businesses.

Landscape Pest Control

We are unique in that we have dual licensing for both structural and landscape pest control. This helps us to understand all the pests in and around your property, not just the ones already indoors!

Leaf Damage by Snails

Snails are the usual culprits for leaf damage, but caterpillars do a pretty good job too!

Our approach for controlling landscape pests is to first examine every non-pesticidal way to manage outdoor pests.

We then review our best choices from traditional to the newest pesticide products on the market - including many organic solutions, using current and comprehensive industry research findings.

Here are just a few of the type of landscape pests we treat:

Whiteflies, scale insects, mealy bugs, aphids, sooty mold and fungus, snails and grubs, gophers and squirrels.

For more, visit our page on Landscape and Garden Pest Control.

Rat and Mice Control

roof rat

Roof rats are great climbers.>

Did you know there are more mice and rat issues in coastal towns than in the inland areas? We provide full rodent remediation services from trapping and monthly rodent baiting to attic clean-out.

If you hear noises in the ceiling at night or within the wall, you may have rats. Don’t wait. Let us inspect before the problem gets out of hand and you do end up needing that clean-out.

Please call for more information on our services and to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspections!

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