Please take a moment to visit my blog at Hearts Pest Management – People and Pest Control. My June 2009 Pest Management Professional (PMP) “web exclusive” titled “Are We Ready to Lead?” can be found there. Please follow the link, read the article and share your thoughts on my blog. Let me know what you think about employee benefits and how they impact our ability to encourage and support our labor force.

As a postscript, I recently spoke with a pest control employee of a company we’ll call Quality Pest XYZ. As I spoke to the gentleman, it was clear that this company should have been called Quantity Pest XYZ because they were totally volume driven, with unbelievably low pricing. But of course, this gentleman said that base pay was very low and it was impossible with the cut rate pricing that no matter how hard you works, the value was not there to ever reach enough dollars to reach bonus. Furthermore, there were no benefits. No vacation, no sick time, no anything.

What time of quality could one hope to get from workers at a company such as this. What possible connection could these technicians make to progressive ideas such as I.P.M? These workers are relegated to a subsistence level that precludes the likelihood of them ever seeing pest control as anything other than a menial job. It’s really sad…. but then that is where Hearts Pest Management has a huge advantage.


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