Los Angeles Pest Control Job Opportunities

Hearts Pest Management Seeks Pest Control Professionals at all Levels

Hearts Pest Management has experienced substantial natural growth throughout Southern California and is now becoming a force in the Los Angeles marketplace for pest control services, especially green pest control. We seek individuals for pest control job opportunities to sell, service and manage. We want that talented person who can do all three. Unlike many pest control companies that hire sales, service and management specialists, we are not looking for half a person. (LOL). We absolutely need people who are hard working service professionals, hard driving at sales and who can manage customers and staff with superb written and verbal communications skills

Check out our employment, benefits and job descriptions pages. We have a very progressive and supportive company philosophy with exceptionally good benefits package. We “walk the walk” when it comes to providing a healthy and balanced lifestyle for our employees.

We could not grow naturally without hiring well motivated, educated and ethical individuals. We need positive and happy people who generate that same energy in others. Do you possess all these qualities, but just need a company that can sees those qualities in you? If so, please apply. We are willing to help you truly succeed professionally.

We offer a great lifestyle and a supportive staff where you can find a home.

Current Los Angeles job openings

  • Pest control trainees
  • Licensed Branch II Structural Field Representatives
  • Entomologists and A.C.E.s
  • Qualified Applicator Licensees and Certificate holders (Dept of Pesticide Regulation).

For employment in Los Angeles County with Hearts Pest Management, please apply even if you don’t see “the right position” listed. We are constantly looking for talented and flexible people, with unique skills to bring to the table.

Also, it might be worth investigating employment opportunities at our Southern California headquarters.