San Fernando Valley and Pasadena Pest Control Employment Opportunities

Hearts Pest Management, the only southern California EPA award winning pest control company, has outstanding pest control career opportunities awaiting you in Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley.

Our company is looking for pest control professionals entering at all levels, but you must know that we are not looking for common job seekers. We aspire to hire people who believe in establishing and promoting their careers in pest control employment.

Here is the type of person who is an excellent candidate for a pest control position. Do you fit this description? Educated, smart, communicative, hard working, organized, physically able to do physically strenuous work. Above all, we seek folks who possess common sense and ethical maturity.

With the immense growth we are experiencing, we are constantly looking for pest control professionals in both the San Fernando Valley and the Pasadena area.

A further description of what we expect in successful employees: folks who have experience adapting to different environments, who can work independently, yet are not independent types. We want people who enjoy teamwork. That means frequent and full communication with customers and staff. Our pest control technicians will verify that your communication skills will be taken to a new level that can take some getting accustomed to, but which will reap financial and professional rewards.

We want people who find pest control work fun.

Our growth in the San Fernando Valley and Pasadena areas has been amazing. Customers are very enthusiastically calling in for our green pest control services. The only thing holding us back is finding excellent pest control job candidates. Our goal for Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley is to further our the adaptation of reliable, certified green pest control.

This fantastic growth in our Pasadena and San Fernando Valley pest control branch can provide a great launching pad for your career growth and financial well-being.

Hearts Pest Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please click over to our company employment and company benefits package links for an overview on life at Hearts Pest Management. While there, complete our pest control employment application on-line to begin the candidate process to join our team of pest control professionals in the San Fernando Valley and Pasadena.

Do not hesitate! If you are here, you are unsatisfied and need a change for the better. You deserve it!