Pest Control in Chula Vista, CA

The City of Chula Vista is located within the South Bay region of San Diego County and is the second largest city within the County. Chula Vista in Spanish means “beautiful view.” Just under eight miles from the border of Mexico, the city is positioned between the San Diego Bay and coastal foothill mountains. This gives residents of Chula Vista a “beautiful view” in all directions.
3rd Ave. Downtown Chula Vista, CA

Downtown Chula Vista, CA – Chula Vista is the 2nd largest city in San Diego County.

There are 52 parks in Chula Vista with numerous trails and Otay Lake, a reservoir where both visitors and residents can enjoy the outdoors. All these natural settings lead to less desirable “nature” – in the form of pests.

Eastlake Community

The Eastlake Community in Chula Vista is set inland a ways, which means warmer temperatures for Eastlake residents, and – more ants! Come summer, it´s as if the homes were built on one, big, giant anthill. Actually, they are on an anthill, a huge super anthill of Argentine Ants! The colony of Argentine ants stretches all along the coast of California and extends to nearby inland cities. Hearts Pest Management can identify and treat for Argentine ants and other ant species, with either traditional or organic methods. Our technicians are experts at identifying and treating ant infestations typical of the area and the season.

Here are Some of the Pest Control Services We Provide to Chula Vista Residents:

o General Pest Control – ants, spiders, earwigs, outdoor fleas, and Oriental roaches. o Green and Organic Pest Management for residential and landscape. o Rat and Mice Control – rodent trapping and baiting, attic clean-out and exclusion. o Bird Control – single story nest removal, clean-up and prevention. o Wasps and Bees – removal and honeycomb cleanup. o Commercial Pest Management – restaurants, hotels, retirement centers, churches, schools, industrial facilities, and medical centers. o Roach Control – Oriental roaches (water bugs), kitchen infestations of American and German roaches. o Landscape Pest Management – aphids, whitefly, grubs, snails, fungus, flies, gnats, and mosquitos. o Fleas – inside and outdoor flea treatments. o Gopher and Squirrel Treatment – Hearts can save landscapes and plants from damage by gophers and squirrels.
EcoWise Certified logo Green Pest Management

EcoWise Certified Green Pest Management

Only Hearts Pest Management Technicians are EcoWise Certified for Organic Pest Management Services and Licensed in both Structural and Landscape Pest Control.

Ants and Spiders

Ants and spiders are problem pests when they make their way indoors; from ants raiding the pantry to spiders raising their spiderlings. Hearts Pest Management not only treats ants and eliminates spiders; we look for and treat the source. A Hearts Pest Management Professional will check under things when providing a spider treatment, such as patio furniture and outdoor playgrounds where brown and black widows are notorious for hiding.

Argentine and Odorous House Ants

Once ants start coming indoors they become unbearable pests for Chula Vista residents. Argentine and Odorous House ants are very common, especially as the weather starts to warm up during the spring. Once summer arrives, lines of ants begin their march indoors in search of water and whatever food they can find.
Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, CA

Otay Ranch in east Chula Vista has an abundance of parks and trails where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the great outdoors.

Argentine Ant Nest

Argentine Ant Nest

Argentine ant and aphids

Argentine ants gather honeydew from aphids. Treating plants for aphids keeps the ant population down.

Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) are an invasive species from South America which have taken over most of California and displaced our own native ants. We can thank the coffee exporters from the 1800´s for stowing away these tiny ants aboard their cargo ships. Do-it-yourself ant control doesn´t work very well on Argentine ants because they can move an entire colony within hours. Argentine ants will pack up and move to either escape when threatened or take advantage of a new food source. Argentine ants have just one node and when crushed, give off a musty odor. The most effective pest control and permanent solution is to find and treat the ant nest; queen Argentine ants must be eliminated to properly eradicate a colony. Hearts Service Professionals are experts at finding these ant nests and treating appropriately. Odorous House Ants (Tapinoma sessile) are also known as “stink ants” because of how they smell when crushed – like rotten coconut! The ants are brown/black in color can be found throughout the United States. Odorous House ants are by far the most common indoor invaders, often contaminating food by leaving their waste behind (literally!).
odorous house ants

Odorous House Ants and Larvae

The House ants get into kitchen pantries and anywhere else in the house where there´s an attractive food source. These ants favor sweets but will also raid pet food as well. Trails of Odorous House ants are easily identifiable and usually lead to an outdoor nest which is typically located in the soil beneath rocks, bricks, logs, boards, and other objects on the ground. It´s important to keep the home tidy and the floor free of crumbs, especially in children´s rooms and the dining area where Odorous House ants can find fallen treats.

Chula Vista Ant Control

Hearts Pest Management utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions when treating for ants. Besides spraying and/or using special baits, we also search out the source of the ants, find and eliminate the nest, and advise customers on ways to prevent ant infestations inside and outside the perimeter of their home. Hearts can treat for ants with traditional and organic methods. Chula Vista residents with young children and/or animals prefer our organic “Greenthumb” maintenance plan. We can even provide a combination of organic on the inside and traditional, low impact on the outside, depending on the magnitude of an infestation and personal preference.
Ant Tunnel

Drawing of an Ant Tunnel

Western spotted orb-weaver spider

Western Spotted Orb-weaver (Neoscona oaxacensis)

Black widow spider webs, unlike the orb-weaver´s beautiful symmetric web, are messy, Halloween-looking webs commonly found under eaves, in corners, dark areas of the garage or closet, and in woodpiles. Black widows are easy to identify by their bulbous behinds and the red hourglass underneath. Granted they only bite when threatened but who wants to accidently brush up next to one?

Not So Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Little Miss Muffet probably sat next to an orb-weaver when she was eating her curds and whey. Orb-weavers are scary-looking and make huge, intricate webs but they are actually quite docile, hanging out, waiting for insects to get caught up in their tangled mass of silk. The Orb-weavers usually have mouth parts that can´t penetrate human skin; it´s the widows one has to be concerned about – black and brown widow spiders.
Yellow and Black Orb-weaver

Garden Orb-weavers are beneficial pest control agents.

Brown widow spiders are similar to black widows, with the same bulbous behind but instead of red, they have an orange hourglass.These spiders are less toxic than black widows and they also make messy webs, however, brown widows are sneaky when it comes to hiding. They like to build their webs underneath things, such as patio furniture, outdoor toys, playground equipment, BBQ´s, etc. The egg sac of a brown widow is easy to spot; cream-colored with spikes.
Black and Brown Widow Spiders

Black Widow and Brown Widow with Egg Sac.

Chula Vista Spider Control

Spiders are solitary creatures. Not like ants which are social creatures that will take bait back to a colony. But when Hearts Service Professionals provide a spider treatment, they actually look for hiding places and eliminate spiders on contact, then they web dust around the perimeter of the home to get rid of unsightly webs. The spider treatments include treating and eliminating a spider´s food source – insects. Spiders make their way indoors in search of insects; the fewer insects there are, the fewer spiders you´ll see. Chula Vista is near enough to the ocean where spiders are often prevalent due to a behavior called “ballooning.” Ballooning is when a spider, usually a spiderling (baby spider), lets out a single strand of silk which catches the wind and carries it to a new location – down the block, the neighbor´s home, or even the next town. Because of ballooning, Chula Vista residents benefit greatly from monthly maintenance plans to control the spider population.
Spiderlings in web

Spiderlings can let out a single strand of thread
and “balloon” (float) across town.

Landscape Pest in Chula Vista

Aphids are often green in color, depending on the species, with long slender mouthparts that they use to pierce and then suck out fluids from tender parts of plants, usually the leaves. Large populations of aphids will cause leaves to discolor, turning them yellow. The honeydew an aphid emits from its rear is a sticky substance that can cause a black, sooty-looking fungus to grow on leaves and stems of plants.
Leaf with aphids and whiteflies

Aphids and whiteflies damage leaves of trees and shrubs.

Besides damage to plants, aphids are a two-fold type of pest because the more aphids you have, the more ants come around in search of the sweet honeydew aphids provide.In exchange for the honeydew, aphids are protected by the ants and are actually “herded” into safe areas. This ant behavior is called “farming” and gives an ant colony a stable food source. If you treat for aphids, you´ll have fewer ants. Whiteflies are another landscape pest for Chula Vista residents. Many homeowners grow beautiful hibiscus trees which whiteflies tend to gravitate to and cause damage. If you´ve noticed a powdery substance on the leaves of your tree, or plants, it´s a sign you have whiteflies. Hearts Pest Management is able to identify various landscape pests including whitefly and treat as necessary.
Giant whiteflies on leaf

Giant Whiteflies on Leaf – Whiteflies resemble a powdery substance.

Hearts landscape service can keep your grass looking smooth and free from clumps; crows will tear up a lawn in no time while digging for worms and grubs. Once we´ve treated for grubs, crows will be less likely to damage your lawn since their food source has been removed. Landscape services require an inspection to properly identify pests and discuss the best treatment methods with homeowners. All landscape Inspections are free-of-charge.
Crow looking for grubs

Crows are notorious for causing damage to lawns when digging for grubs.

Aphids, whiteflies and grubs are just a few of the landscape pests Hearts Pest Management treats for our Chula Vista customers. Other pests such as gophers, squirrels, and snails cause damage to the landscape which Hearts can help resolve. Most pest problems are because animals and insects come onto the property and inside of a home or business in search of food. Easy access to your kitchen beats having to hunt for food or travel long distances in order to find it!

Commercial Pest Control for Chula Vista

Hearts Pest Management will inspect commercial buildings including medical facilities, retirement centers, restaurants, industrial buildings, churches, schools, hotels, etc. Hearts helps commercial owners determine the type of pest issues they have or may have in the future and provides the best methods for treatment.
Fly on railing

Flies are a problem for restaurants and other food establishments.

Restaurants often battle with roaches, flies, ants, and other pests which Hearts can help eliminate. Hotels often have problems with bed bugs; Hearts is able to treat for bed bugs and also provide a bed bug monitoring system to maintain the facility. Medical facilities and retirement homes are unique because residents and/or patients cannot leave the premises. Hearts is able to treat these types of facilities utilizing organic products and Integrated Pest Management solutions for their pest control needs.

Rat and Mice Control in Chula Vista

Rats and mice multiply very quickly; their urine and feces can cause health issues for you and your family. Just breathing in rodent urine and fecal matter through vents leads to diseases such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, which according to CDC (Center for Disease Control) “poses a particular risk for pregnant women.”
Norway Rat Nest with Babies

Norway Rat and Nest – Also called “Brown Rat” or “Sewer Rat.” Norway rats are stockier than Roof rats, with a shorter tail.

Damage in attic by roof rats

Damage to an attic by rats.

In Chula Vista, the roof rat and the Norway rat are the most troublesome of rats. Hearts Pest Management offers free rodent inspections. We provide trapping, exclusion work (blocking of access points), and attic clean-outs. If necessary, Hearts will also replace damaged insulation.

Bee and Wasp Control in Chula Vista

The Western Yellowjacket tends to build its nest underground which creates a raised bubble in the surface of the soil. If you see wasps flying in and out of the ground, you´ll want to stay away from the nest, stepping on a yellowjacket´s nest is how many people get stung while mowing or gardening. Only a professional should rid your landscape of any underground nests. Other wasps such as yellow paper wasps build their nest in the eaves of a home or patio.
Western Yellowjacket on leaf

Western Yellowjacket feeding on aphids and honeydew.

Bee gathering nectar

Honey bee gathering pollen. Note the pollen “basket” on her left hind leg.

If very small, they can be knocked down with a hose but the stem needs to be scraped off or the paper wasps will come back to rebuild. Larger, active nests should be removed by a professional. Hearts provides free wasp inspections for Chula Vista customers. Honey Bees are very important to our food supply, without honeybees pollenating our crops, we would have less of everything. Hearts only treats, if necessary, for bee hives either with honeycomb in the home or within a hundred feet. Hearts Pest Management provides free inspections for landscape pests, wasps, bees, roaches, and rodents. General pests can be treated organically if desired. These include ants, spiders, crickets, Oriental roaches (water bugs) and outdoor fleas. Indoor fleas require a traditional treatment to ensure that the eggs are eliminated as well as the fleas. To schedule a service or a free inspection, please call today for a caring Hearts Pest Service Representative at 1-800-986-1006. You can also fill out the form below to obtain more information regarding both our traditional and organic pest management services.
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“Able, honest and extremely knowledgeable and polite. They come bi-monthly and use an organic solution to spray outside. It’s a pleasure and relief to do business with them.”
~ Carri B.
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