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Oxnard, CA – from shore to city, Hearts Pest Management is dedicated to providing the best in pest control!

Look no further! Hearts Pest Management has a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs in the City of Oxnard.

We are family owned and recognized for best practices in innovative pest management by California’s EPA.

And, we are number one in southern California for Green / Organic Pest Control!

We do pest control with a different approach than most companies.

At Hearts, we don’t just treat the existing pest problem, we practice pest prevention.

Our service professionals utilize IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions to prevent future pest infestations.

During a service, your Hearts' service technician will inspect your property to determine if there is anything needed to

Hearts practices pet-friendly pest control for the furry members of the family!

keep pests from entering your home.

It could be something as simple as trimming shrubs and plants twelve inches away from the side of the house or fixing a leaky sprinkler head.

Other IPM solutions recommended may be reducing water in potted plants, caulking gaps around windowsills, trimming tree branches back and away from the roof, etc. - all ways of keeping pests at bay.

Certified Green Pest Control the Hearts Pest Management Way

If you have young children, pets, or people in your household sensitive to chemicals, we recommend our “GreenThumb” program.

Our GreenThumb program can treat ants and other pests.

The green pest control is available monthly or every other month, however, we recommend monthly during spring and summer with the option of switching to every other month in the winter. Regardless, you get to choose the frequency!

Our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control applications. We do have traditional for people who prefer regular pest control and don’t require special care for animals and/or children.

For more information on what we offer in pest control around your home, visit: Residential Pest Control

Ant and Spider Control in Oxnard

Ant Control:  Ever wonder why ants are so hard to control? Welcome to California! One big anthill of Argentine ants!

Young spiderling raising its rear to let out a single strand of silk for the wind to carry it to a better location.

This species is difficult because Argentine ants are unresponsive with do-it-yourself methods.

Unlike other many other ant species, Argentine ants have more than one queen. If threatened, a queen will break off from the colony and start a new one elsewhere on your property!

Hearts’ technicians can identify various ant species, including Argentine ants, and treat accordingly.

Your Hearts Service Professional
- Mike Vendevender -
Ready to Assist!

Spider Control:  Oxnard is a unique combination of both coastal and inland communities.  If you live on the coastal side, you may have more spiders than your inland neighbors.

This is because of a spider behavior called “Ballooning.” Young spiders climb up high on and then raise their rear-end while letting out a single strand of silk (sort of like bungee jumping) which allows ocean currents to carry them into other neighborhoods.

Hearts Pest Management will help keep spiders at bay by getting rid of their food source – insects.

Your service technician will also search out the toxic spiders, black and brown widows and remove any egg sacs found.

Check out our main page on Spider Control.

Hearts provides commercial pest control for a variety of businesses in Oxnard.

Commercial Pest Control for Oxnard Businesses

Hibiscus trees often become victim to whitefly infestations.

A good pest control company is a necessary part of a business and can make or break your company’s reputation.

All it takes is a couple of negative reviews to lower your rating and keep people from frequenting your establishment.

For example, say you have a customer who finds a roach in his water, frozen in an ice cube … if he’s a frequent Yelper, you can bet he’ll write a review about his roach experience! This really did happen in a local restaurant!

Don’t let a pest problem get out of hand.

Whitefly on underside of leaf.

We provide free pest control inspections for Oxnard businesses from restaurants and coffee shops, to retail establishments, hotels, daycare centers and much more!

Take a look at our main page for Commercial Pest Control to see all we offer Oxnard business owners.

Landscape Pest Control in Oxnard

Above is an “access point” where rats found their way into an attic.

We treat for a variety of landscape pests from white flies and aphids to fungus and mold, snails, gophers, squirrels, and many more.

Landscape pest control is available by Hearts for both residential and commercial customers.

Our service professional will first inspect your landscape, free-of-charge, to identify garden pests that may be destroying your shrubs and plants.

Rat and Mice Control

Rats and mice can squeeze or chew their way indoors through small holes and gaps; some of which can be found around pipes or in window screens.

Beginnings of a rat infestation in an attic; notice the yellow urine and droppings.

Roof rats are climbers. If you have a tree branch touching your roof, roof rats will use it as access to get into your attic via a gap or small hole in your roofing.

Once rats or mice get inside of a home or business, they start setting up their own home where their urine and feces will damage the insulation.

Breathing in rat urine through vents can be a health hazard!

Gerry Weitz - Owner of Hearts Pest Management - in 2012 Photo Op

Gerry Weitz - Owner of Hearts Pest Management.

We provide full rodent remediation services from trapping and attic clean-up to exclusion – blocking off the access points.

Visit our page on Rat and Mice Control for detailed information on what we have to offer in terms of rodent remediation and prevention.

Having a pest control company, these days, should require a level of thoughtfulness about nature and how pest control can impact the well-being of individuals, families and pets, as well as the environment.

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