Pest Control in Ojai

The City of Ojai, California

Hearts Pest Management is pleased to be providing pest control for the community of Ojai!

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional pest control?

We offer Ojai residents and business owners the opportunity to take advantage of our Green / Organic Pest Control program.

Hearts has a full range of pest control for residents in Ojai!

At Hearts, we put people first. We take a holistic, green approach to pest control by implementing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) principles.

We also ensure that all our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control applications.

Of course, we do have traditional pest control options as well, however, with traditional, we also practice IPM and only treat where and when necessary.

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IPM includes keeping you advised of any current or potential pest infestations, inspecting around your home or business and making suggestions on how you can prevent further or future pest problems.

Residential Pest Control in Ojai

Bugs, rats, mice, ants, spiders, scorpions … these are just a few of the residential pests homeowners have issues with in Ojai.

Many homes are surrounded by native chaparral, which is wonderful but living on the edge of natural habitats, allows for critters of all types to try to make their way into your home and on your property.

One little scout can send a whole
lot of ants your way!

We appreciate nature and make it a priority to minimize pesticide use, be it traditional or organic. We care about the welfare of you, your family, as well as the environment.

Our goal is to keep you safe and have as little impact on the environment while still alleviating pests and preventing them from coming indoors.

For more information on all we for Ojai residents, visit our main page on Residential Pest Control

Brown widows are easy to
identify by their spiky egg sacs.

Ant and Spider Control in Ojai

Warm inland temperatures and wet rainy weather, it doesn’t matter; ants will come marching indoors, despite your do-it-yourself remedies.

Spiders, especially black and brown widows, love to hang out under outdoor furniture, BBQ’s, play equipment, corners of the garage, woodpiles, even indoor closets!

All of Hearts Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Our green pest control program takes care of both ants and spiders and other home invading pests.

Our service professionals search out ant trails to treat the ant nests, they will check for spider webs and egg sacs and remove web.

If you are in need of a Ant and Spider control in Ojai, we can help!

Black sooty mold on leaves.


Landscape Pest Control

Hearts Pest Management has both traditional and organic methods for eliminating many landscape pests.

Keeping you garden landscape pest free can be a challenge. We treat a variety of landscape pests from aphids and whiteflies to Gophers and Squirrels.

Most landscapes, if untreated, will have shrubs that suffer from plant sucking pests that cause leaves to discolor, curl, and fall prematurely.

Rats and mice quickly become
pests when they make their way
into your home or garage.

We provide a thorough landscape inspection (free) of your property at which time our service professional will most likely recommend a maintenance program.

We have monthly, every other month, or quarterly landscape pest control plans. For a full list of landscape pests we treat, visit our page on Landscape and Garden Pest Control.

Rodent Control in Ojai

If rats make their way into your attic or crawl space, we can provide full rodent remediation which includes trapping, an exclusion (blocking of where they got in) and attic clean-out.

Before we begin treatment, we first do an inspection which is free-of -charge.

Once we begin trapping, your service professional will discuss some preventative ways of rodent-proofing your home.

Besides rats, field mice may come inside looking for warm nesting areas or an easy food source!

We are a “Company with Heart!

Don’t let an infestation of Rats and Mice get out of hand; they cause so much damage and, breathing in the smell of their urine and feces is harmful to humans.

If you start hearing noises in your attic or crawl space, there’s a good chance its rats. Give us a call to set up your free inspection!

Perhaps by now, you can see just what a different sort of pest control company Hearts Pest Management really is … call us today – ask about our free inspections!

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