Journey of a New Employee at Hearts Pest Management

Learning a Work Ethic

My father always made it a point to teach a strong work ethic to me.

He believes in the somewhat extinct philosophy of a character-driven society; as was ingrained in him by my grandfather (of which I happen to be a cosmetic genetic replica of, by the way.) The once familiar concept of “All food tastes better, wine tastes sweeter, and sleep feels better when you’ve finished an honest day’s work” went (more or less) lost on me all of these years. I simply wasn’t able to wrap my brain around such an ideal. After all, I had been an avid subscriber to the “me first” ideology that had engulfed so many of my peers. But I digress…

Entering the Field of Pest Control

I had initially begun work in the field of pest control when I was 18 years old in my home town of San Antonio, Texas… And just so you know; I’m an avid Spurs fan, so if you want to talk NBA with me that’s usually who you’re going to hear me bragging about/making excuses for.

I was sharing a room with a friend of mine while working as a waiter at a national chain of sit-down burger restaurants when it suddenly dawned on me that I was barely able to afford the fuel to get to and from work, let alone to cover my share of the rent.

After hours of conversation and volumes of advice, I decided to take up an entry level position in the family business – pest control… But still… something didn’t feel right.

I wasn’t ready.

The responsibility was too much, the pressure was too great.

As admirable as the field was, I wasn’t prepared to accept the obligation that came with the pledge to take care of an individual’s home… and so again… after countless hours of conversation and volumes of advice, I decided to take the jump and relocate to San Diego to live with the source of all afore mentioned positive reinforcement and wisdom – my best friend – my Dad.

It wasn’t until another year and a half later (which is like dog-years to a young adult) that I felt I was ready to hop behind the wheel and start gaining experience in the highly scientific and specialized field of Pest Control.

Practice of Pest Control – Overkill

Not to say that it was easy, however. Different trainers in different companies all operate in differently.  The scientific aspect of our field is occasionally lost, depending on who you’re working with.

I learned pretty quickly that it’s VERY commonplace for some pest control technicians to be more of the “overkill is good!” mindset… These people are typically the ones that keep their jobs just long enough to lose them (and several customers along the way.)

I met a few people who indiscriminately treated every home with an identical, “all around” procedure, ignoring any excessive problem simply for the sake of finishing the job and moving onto the next one.

But we’re not cab drivers.  We’re technicians.  Speed isn’t necessarily our game.  Taking care of your home is.

Life and Teamwork at Hearts Pest Management

Today however, I find myself at a company that I wish I had found myself at sooner. I find myself at a company filled with like-minded individuals, a company filled with hard workers and people who take pride in what they do.  I couldn’t ask for a richer reward.

I had to learn that this is a field that requires an earnest effort.  This is a field that requires mastery to be successful in.

This has been my journey, and regardless of the fact that it’s nowhere near its completion… The food tastes better- the wine, sweeter- the sleep, sounder…  And it’s all thanks to the simple fact that I am part of a team that is thoroughly looking forward to taking care of your home.

Justin Q. Pest Control Consultant with Heart’s Pest Management


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