Pest Control Customer in Love

Love never ceases to amaze. It will drive a person to acts of courage, decency and compassion, nurturing and sacrifice impossible for those who do not get struck by Cupid’s arrow.

In my business I come across many personal struggles and tribulations. As a pest control company, our personnel meet the public at a time when they feel personally invaded, even violated. I’m not exaggerating. You need to hear the fear and frustrating, the anxiety and despiration of those suffering from pests that drive them wild. I have seen people who call themselves environmentalists call for quick and unadulterated extermination. I have seen people separate from their spouses because of differences over their perception of pests. I have seen people toxify their house, clothing, water, pets, all in the name of killing insects and arachnids that perturb them to no end.

Today I witnessed an unusual act of love. Normally, people call us with a problem and we come out to their home or place of business to diagnose a potential pest problem. The prospect looks at several factors to evaluate the company: communication skills, service quality, warranty, thoroughness, to name a few.

Today, I met a young gentleman who loved his wife enough to purchase a birthday gift that was for her peace of mind only. This gentleman wanted to be sure that he was purchasing from a company that would please his wife. Clearly he wanted it to be a surprise. What was the gift? Pest Control! Yup, this young man walked into our office this afternoon to buy maintenance pest control for his wife’s birthday. Understand that our office is in the back of a business complex. We have a sign, but only for employment candidates and suppliers. Nevertheless, this young man, with a very soft and charming voice and disposition, decided that in his budget he had room for something that would greatly please his wife.

To this young man whose name is best left unknown, my hat is off to you. Thank you for choosing us, but thank you much more for reminding us what true love is. It is not blind. It is a steady stream of acts of kindness between two people who care deeply about each other.


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