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Spiders invading your home start outside where they live on various food sources but then move indoors for shelter and to feed on household pests. Combining landscape and structural spider control will greatly help resolve spider problems inside and outside. Landscape Pest Plans are available for aphids, white fly, snails, scales and other garden pests.

Spiders Control

Cobwebs are sticky, they gather dust, producing the long fluffy streamers you see.

Cobwebs are sticky, they gather dust, producing the long fluffy streamers you see.

Outdoors and away from home, spiders are beneficial insects, preying on other insects, thereby maintaining nature’s balance. Nevertheless, spiders are a major concern to homeowners in southern California and in the Los Angeles area. Fears associated with spiders may be related to a fear of being bitten and poisoned, or it may be based simply on a fear associated with their highly tuned ability to hide until time to attack. Their webs can be very messy and unsightly reminders. Homeowners often want them gone, as they create the appearance of an unclean home. While all spiders produce venom, the black widow is the only spider common in the Los Angeles area that is a serious health threat. The male is not harmful due to the smaller size of their fangs and their smaller venom gland.
The notorious black widow spider Latrodectus mactans is not aggressive. It will, however, bite instinctively when touched or pressed. Bites are extremely painful and temporarily debilitating.

The notorious black widow spider Latrodectus mactans is not aggressive. It will, however, bite instinctively when touched or pressed. Bites are extremely painful and temporarily debilitating.

Black widows are found mostly outdoors and in the garage, and nest in close proximity, under foundations, stones, and shrubbery. The severity of a black widow bite is not uniform, differing based on such factors as seasonality, the location of the sting and the sensitivity of the victim. The bite of a black widow feels like a sharp injection. Read more about black widow spiders and black widow control. The brown recluse is a common in-door dweller that is necrotic and deadly. But rest assured, the brown recluse spider is not native or active in California. Of the thousands of folks reporting possible identification of a brown recluse in California, lab results indicate almost all to be false. On extremely rare occasions in southern California, positive ID of the brown recluse has happened where a family has accidentally transported it from another section of the country.
Spider Control Outdoors

Not only does the web removal improve the look of the property, it serves to limit the spiders ability to capture food.

Spiders can help

Spiders can both be a pest and a help to keep away flies and other bugs.

Other spiders can still be a nuisance and produce noticeable bites. This mostly occurs due to accidental contact with spiders that feel trapped or that are in an aggressive mating stage.
Brown Widow with spiky egg sac.

Brown widow with spiky egg sac. The Brown widow spider is less toxic than Black widows.

Spider bites are not usually enough to determine the type of spider that inflicted the bite. It is therefore valuable to have a spider sample available for identification, if feasible. Treatment for spiders involves application of repellents and desiccants, as well as web cleaning that removes a critical ability of the spider to trap its prey. Additionally, it is critical to eliminate the conditions that give rise to increased spider populations, such as other insect infestations, moist environments, tall grasses, and excess hiding places, such as overused storage rooms.

Hearts Pest Management: Green and Organic Solutions for Ants and Spiders:

A typical pest control service visit will include a wide perimeter inspection and treatment of your property. Often, a combination of methods are used during a service visit. You may see us providing a perimeter non-repellent treatment near the foundation, a granular treatment in the various mulch beds and a non-repellent or baiting program within the home. Within guidelines set by the company, our consulting technicians are given latitude to design and implement a program that has needed variety to keep the insects off guard, while protecting your family from the concerns common with pest control treatments. Our philosophy toward treatments is that the least amount of chemical exposure that will effectively solve the problem is the best solution. This approach allows us the needed flexibility to utilize the tools and skills we have in pesticide treatment, but only after examining the least intrusive avenues of attack. Please review our Organic Program and know that you have arrived at the first company in Southern California and Los Angeles County to be EcoWise Certified. Watch for our pest control trucks with the Hearts, and “President Hamilton,” enjoying his job under the sun. Call today at 1-800-986-1006 for help with spider control in Los Angeles or contact us via email.
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