Wetting Agents Reduce Water Bills

My Water Just Sits in the Garden!

Have you ever watered a potted plant, a section of your garden or lawn, but it seems like the water just sits on top of the soil or even just beads up and rolls off? No matter how much water you put on it the soil remains bone dry.

Is your Garden or Lawn Hydrophobic or Water Repellent?

When your beloved garden, plants or lawn become water dense, soil is said to be hydrophobic or water repellent. In hydrophobic soils the soil particles are coated with wax like substances that repel water. Attempting to grow any type of plant in a hydrophobic soil is futile. If water can´t penetrate the surface of the soil then it is not available to the roots of the plant and the plant will eventually die.

What’s a “Wetting Agent” and How Do They Work to Cure Your Lawn?

Fortunately, you can cure your lawn and garden problem caused by hydrophobic soils with wetting agents.

What exactly is a wetting agent and how do they work?

Wetting Agents are basically high tech soaps/detergents and work by making water wetter. They improve water penetration/infiltration, moisture retention, distribution uniformity, drainage, and water use efficiency.

Watch this video to see a wetting agent or “agri-surfactant” in action.

How do you know when using a wetting agent might be necessary?

A good rule of thumb for determining the value of a wetting agent is to place a small amount of water into the pot or area of soil in question. If the water remains on the surface of the soil for more then 5 seconds or simply rolls off, than using a wetting agent will be of great benefit.

Show Me the Savings from Using Wetting Agents!

Regular use of wetting agents can reduce the amount of water used by a homeowner an amazing 20% to 50% annually! If you consider that 50% of the average California home owner´s water bill is used in the garden then the use of wetting agents could save up to 25% on a monthly water bill. Consider how expensive water is in California. That´s a lot of dollars saved just by applying a wetting agent. Wishing you knew about the availability of wetting agents a long time ago?

Hearts Pest Management has the knowledge, equipment and products to help you save on your water bill and with many other issues you may have with your landscape, turf, or garden. Whatever the problem, whether it is hydrophobic soil, insects or disease, or fertilization Hearts Pest Management lawn and garden care staff are here to help.

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