Overwatering and Over Fertilizing Your Lawn

Some people may believe that the more you water and fertilize your lawn, the better your lawn will do. This is a common fallacy that people may believe, which in turn could cause even worse effects. We need to understand that too much of anything could cause adverse effects to any living organism. Human beings cannot eat or consume too much of one thing because it may be lethal.
Garden Landscape

Landscape pest management and frequent gardening will keep your property looking health and beautiful.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Eating too much meat could kill you. Eating too much peanut butter could kill you. Even eating too much celery could kill you. As the great Paracelsus stated, “All things are toxic.” All types of food are highly toxic, even fruits, but what determines whether it is lethal or not all depends on the dose. The dose determines just how toxic things may be to your body. If all things are toxic to people, which are living organisms, then we should know that all things are toxic to plants and animals as well. If a person drinks too much water in a certain amount of time, he is sure to die.

Overwatering Attracts Insects

Lawns and turfs work the same exact way. If your lawn is overwatered, it could either die over time or attract different types of lawn pests, such as springtails and/or mosquitos who look for water sources which they need to live. Insects basically need a place to live, food to eat, and water to stay hydrated. If an insect is deprived of these basic needs, you will most likely have fewer pests around your home.

Springtails appear when you overwater and may come indoors as a result.

Land and Garden Upkeep

Lawn and field tidiness is a huge factor in how nice your garden looks. Weekly garden services will definitely help in the overall health of your yard. Keeping your grass as short as possible will keep moths, mosquitoes, and beetles from nesting within the tall strands of grass, but always keep in mind what type of grass you have.
Funnel weaver spider

Although grass spiders (funnel-weavers) are harmless they create unsightly webs on lawns when grass goes uncut for any length of time.

Types of Grasses

Recognizing your grass could allow you to know just how tall you should cut your grass. Grasses like marathon, which is a fescue, or blue grass grow in a bunch, which is best to cut tall (3-4 inches). Other grasses such as Bermuda grass or St. Augustine grow laterally across your yard meaning that you may cut this grass a bit shorter (1-2 inches). In other words, “Know Your Grass.” If you need help finding out what type of grass you have, you may contact us at Hearts Pest Management or you may find your closest online resource.
Crow looking for grubs

Crows are notorious for causing damage to lawns when digging for grubs. Treat for grubs, you’ll have less crows.

Other things that may cause pests to live among you is the presence of fallen dead leaves, fruits that have over ripened, or piles of trash or objects that have not been moved or stored at a good location. Spiders, ants, beetles, and other landscape pests hang around in and under these objects which in turn could lead to the breeding of future generations.

June Beetles Mating – June bugs, also known as fig-eaters destroy lawns by digging burrows and eating roots.

As a home owner, I would not want various bugs that may cause adverse effects to me to be anywhere around my family, yard, or vegetable/fruit garden. I would want these pests as far away as possible, allowing pollinators, such as bees, to fulfill their duty.

Landscape Pest Management

Understanding the right dosage will allow you to apply the right treatment. This is what Hearts is all about. We make sure that your garden goes beyond being “okay” and help it become gorgeous. We have trained professionals that are here to assist you in your yard problems while at the same time help the environment.
Honey bee pollinating ice plant flower

Honey bee pollinating red apple ice plant

EcoWise Certified logo Green Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management Professionals are EcoWise Certified.

EcoWise Certified

With our EcoWise Certification, we are allowed to use organic products in and around your home that are not damaging to the world´s environment. If people acknowledge that the use of fertilizers and water must stay at an adequate and appropriate level, then they will surely see results within a few weeks. With the help of professionals at Hearts, your yard will be looking good as new. Just remember, “too much is bad” but “too little is not enough,” meaning that only recommended dosages are sure to provide great results. Article by Marco Ramos – Hearts Pest Management Service Technician and Landscape Specialist

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