What are plant growth regulators (PGRs)?

Simply put, a plant growth regulator is a substance that can accelerate or retard the growth of a plant.

Some growth regulators are organic, naturally occurring hormones, which are extracted from plant tissue. Others are man made and designed to copy natural plant hormones.

lawn with and without plant growth regulator, fertilizer and pest control

lawn with and without plant growth regulator, fertilizer and pest control

Plant Growth Regulators for Your Lawn and Garden

Hearts Pest Management lawn and garden staff can bring these results to your residential lawn and garden too. Read on!

How can plant growth regulators improve your landscape?

The answers are almost limitless!

  • Make your lawn greener and mow the lawn only half as much!
  • Make a plant more compact and beautiful.
  • Increasing the amount of flowers on your rose bush.
  • Prevent an olive tree near your drive way from fruiting. Without fruit – no fruit stain on your car and driveway.
  • You want your oranges to be more orange or your lemons more yellow.

There are PGR´s made just to do these specific things and many more.  The ways that growth regulators can improve you landscape are exponential.

Let Our Lawn and Garden Staff Improve Your Landscape with Plant Growth Regulators

Hearts Pest Management has all of the tools to help make your lawn and landscape look and perform to its´ full potential. Not only can we rid your landscape, lawn or turf of pests like gophers, snails, earwigs, pill bugs, white flies, aphids, scale, and rust but we can fertilize your lawn and plants to make them greener and produce more flowers. Our Service Technicians are here to help you with all your landscape needs.

Don´t forget that with Plant Growth Regulators we can reduce your gardening bill substantially with controlled plant and lawn growth.

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