Killer Bed Bugs for Sale, by Gerry Weitz Sunday June 8, 2008
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I encourage consumers to follow my articles with Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine and PMP’s contemporary on-line edition . My latest “web exclusive” about fear based selling, with examples from the bee, bed bug and bite segments within the pest control industry can be found at this link: “Killer Bed Bugs for Sale” Please also follow my ever-changing Hearts consulting blogsite, where I attempt to address issues in the industry and of concern to the public.

This article is a reminder that when we play to the fears of customers, our customer expect us to deliver such a knock-out punch to pests that we sometimes extend our targets to non-pests and deliver irrepairable environmental harm. Don’t you agree that while we address pests we should be doing all we can as conservationists to preserve the goodness in our environment?


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