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Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

How do you describe Hollywood?

A city within a city, so awe inspiring is Hollywood that it overwhelms the reputation of Los Angeles itself. A place transformed from once rural landscapes to the capital of the modern film, the proving ground for people with dreams in the entertainment industry. A discovery zone, where people from all over the world come together to mingle, grow and simply enjoy life to the fullest. The feeling is indescribable, but the attraction is not unique. All who come to Hollywood bring their habits, their way of life, their families, pets and friends. They also bring pests!

Pests Come to Hollywood

Whether you live in a single family residence, an apartment complex or condo, a group living environment or a mansion - you associate regularly with others who bring in pests. You, your family members or pets may become infested as well. It´s not a crime. It happens to the best of us. Hollywood is such a dense residential and commercial strip that it is impossible not to be impacted. Hollywood has all the common pest problems you find in a southern California dry climate, such as ants and spiders. Gophers are not unheard of either in Hollywood. But the serious problems are from cockroach, rats and mice, sometimes birds and mites and now bed bug infestations. Don´t look in those restaurants you dine at or you won´t go back again! Cockroaches are everywhere. And if you think German cockroaches are bad, the news is that Turkestan cockroaches have come with the troops back to California and these cockroaches breed twice as fast as German cockroaches.

Birds - rats - Mice and Mites in Hollywood

Birds, rats and mice find plenty of food sources due to the abundant dining opportunities in Hollywood. These critters bring mites. It´s common for dogs and cats to pick up mites from areas where they co-mingle with birds and rats. Dog parks attract pests who have, shall I say, different food tastes. Cats often wonder in wild areas inhabited by possums, skunks, birds, rats and mice, bringing back who knows what vermin. Be advised to keep pets on a leash and keep your yard clear of pet mess.

Bee Removal in Hollywood

Bees are a natural resource that cannot be underestimated. Hearts Pest Management works to solve problems associated with bees only when we determine it is absolutely necessary for public welfare. We believe that the "killer bee" image of bees has been over-hyped, but that does not mean that you, your family, your pets, your workers or your customers are not in danger when you leave beehives active on or in close proximity to your residence or place of business.

Hollywood and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been at epidemic proportions for several years now. Hollywood has been hit hard with bed bugs. It's only logical that Hollywood, a city that attracts people from around the world will bring with them hitchhiking bed bugs. Virtually every hotel has had them at one time or another. Every hotel and motel must be vigilant to seek out and destroy bed bug infestations quickly and to do their utmost to prevent future outbreaks. The profitability and survival of the hospitality industry depend on it.
Los Angeles bed bug reports with focus on Hollywood

Los Angeles bed bug reports with focus on Hollywood

The above graph of bed bug reports in Los Angeles, which you can see very focused in the Hollywood area was found on Bed Bug Registry.Com New techniques are being incorporated into bed bug treatment regularly, including reduced and chemical free treatments using alternative methods such as industrial steaming, vacuuming and covering of mattress and box springs. Also, remember that it is not just to hotels and motels with bed bug problems. World traveling Hollywood residents get them in their homes. Their domestic help bring them in too. Bed bugs are picked up in public accommodations such as buses - anything public.

Green and Organic Pest Control

Hearts IPM certificate Organics are on everyone´s mind. No matter what you are treating for: ants, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches. Organics and more so, a combination of approaches under the heading of integrated pest management or green pest control create a level of comfort that people want and demand from their pest control company. For enterprises serve the growing green consumer market, working with a green pest control company - that is a green certified pest control company has benefits. Outdoor pests are disturbing too. For those of you with beautiful gardens with lush ornamentals and citrus, you want to keep them healthy. Garden pests wreck havoc on trees and shrubs. Often it is the lack of steady care in the garden to pest issues outside those results in pests inside the home. Our company has a unique perspective on these problems because we are licensed for both structural and landscape pest control. We see the connection and we hope you do too.

Hearts Pest Management - Hollywood Pest Control Solutions

Hearts Pest Management has it all. Hearts has EcoWise Certified pest control services - an environmentally defined certification backed by California environmental organizations and quasi-governmental agencies. As much as we love Hollywood, Hollywood pest control is also loved when customers desperately need solutions. We are ready to service your home, business and garden in Hollywood. We hope you will call today. Don´t wait. Pest situations only get worse until you reach for professional solutions.
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