9/18/2007 EcoWise Certified has granted Hearts Pest Management its’ very first certification outside the San Francisco Bay Area.EcoWise Certifiied was founded by an association of Bay Area government agencies, in an effort to preserve water quality and due to other environmental issues related to pesticide usage. The association encourages a progressive, integrated pest management (I.P.M) approach to pest control, that focuses on inspection, prevention, communication and partnership. Treatments are handled in a least invasive manner. Materials used in treatment are reviewed by the EcoWise organization for toxicity issues. Organic labels are highly encouraged, with a reasonable understanding that more aggressive treatments are sometimes needed after careful review.

EcoWise certification does not signify that all company services are “EcoWise Certified services,” rather that you can purchase certain services provided in a manner that is fully EcoWise Certified compliant and that the company has practices, procedures and standards in place that have been reviewed and approved by the certifing organization. Use the above link for more information about EcoWise Certified.

Hearts Pest Management is thrilled that it can now bring EcoWise Certified green pest control to millions of families in Southern and Central California.

** In March of 2012, Hearts Pest Management was reinspected and recertified by EcoWise Certified and the certification has been renewed for another three years **


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