Spiders as Pests

Spiders are unlike other pests in that they do not destroy the structure of a house.  They don’t eat our food.  They do not spread disease or leave feces and urine.  Only a small handful of species such as widow and recluse spiders are actually toxic to humans. Most spiders don’t bite humans unless in self-defense but they do build webs in and outside of the home.
Orb weaver spider in web

Orb weavers spin elaborate webs for catching insects

As with any pest problem, identification of the spider is critical for applying an appropriate pest management strategy.  Hearts Pest Management technicians are experienced at identifying and finding places in the home where spiders may not be so obvious but are still present.
Young Spiderlings in Web

Black & Yellow Garden Spiderlings in Web

Spiders, in general, can be separated into broad categories; for instance, there are burrowers like the Trapdoor spider; web-builders such as the Cellar spider (also called ‘Daddy Longlegs’) and orb-weavers which include various Garden spiders; active hunters like the Wolf or Sac spider.
Grass Spider in Funnel-type Web

Funnel web made by a Grass spider.

From a pest control standpoint, it is the hunters and web-spinners that are most problematic within the home.  Hunting spiders often find their way indoors in search of food and can be seen walking across the carpet or linoleum.  Web-spinners create large webs, often in the open, around and inside of the home and in gardens, which can be unappealing to the homeowner. Part of the general pest service at Hearts Pest Management is for technicians to regularly “web dust” around the property.  This minimizes spider activity in the home. Call today at 1-800-986-1006 for help with a spider infestation. You’re also welcome to complete the form below and a caring Hearts Pest Management representative will contact you shortly.
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