My Experience at Hearts Pest Management

Friday June 27, 2014
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My training at Hearts Pest Management

My name is Marco A. Ramos and I am a part time landscape technician who just recently started working for Hearts Pest Management. So far, my experience has been great. This job has lots of similarities with my recent landscaping job but it also has many differences, many of which I am still learning about.

Marco Ramos

Marco Ramos – Hearts Pest Management Landscape Technician / Specialist

My training so far has been great and thanks to John Chi and Duke Phan, I have been able to learn, laugh, and enjoy helping customers with their pest problems. These two individuals along with my employer, Gerry Weitz, have helped me on my journey to success in the pest management business.

Garden Butterfly on flower

Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals are EcoWise Certifiedproviding IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions for pest control in gardens and landscapes.

Riding in the car with these technicians and getting hands on experience has been very interesting and at the same time very motivating. Knowing that all of my simple questions could be answered if I only ask made me feel very comfortable in the environment I was working in.

Although I did not have much experience with pesticides, in just a week of hands on experience I have been able to apply my landscaping knowledge to prevail in a job that focuses on preserving and maintaining healthy landscapes. I am glad that I can learn as well as share my knowledge with the company, which in turn can lead to the expansion and popularity of the company as a whole.

White Rose

Hearts´ landscape service will keep your roses blooming beautifully – without aphids!

It fills me up with joy to let customers know what are various changes in a garden that can lead to the overall beautification and prosperity of a customer´s yard. Although I do not do the other job, I am still able to provide them with crucial information that leads to their appreciation of the company. This mutualism and assistance builds a strong bond with customers that not many people are able to build with their pesticide applicators. I am proud to say that these individuals I mentioned above have not only been my co-workers and employers, but also my friends. Their level of professionalism is also outstanding.

If I can sum up into one word all of what this company stands for and all the people who strive to resolve pest problems in and around customer´s homes, I would have to say that I would choose “LOVE.” All of the technicians and the company employees love what they do, which give this company an advantage among all other pest management companies. Their “heart” is in the work. What better name for a company than Hearts Pest Management.

Leaf with aphids and whiteflies

Aphids and whiteflies can damage leaves of trees and shrubs.

When a person´s heart is in the work that they do, the individual´s job performance drastically increases. They all have different aspirations and believe that working to the best of their abilities will help them in achieving their goals. I too have aspirations and I also dream big. Hearts is and will be a great step forward on my journey to success in my career and my life.

The customers are also great. They all treat us with respect just as we do. Whatever problem they may have, we try our best to resolve it to the best of our abilities and to the best of our knowledge. With a great staff and great customers looking for answers to their problems, anyone who becomes affiliated with Hearts will absolutely have no regrets. I thank you for your time and taking the chance to read this.

– Marco A. Ramos


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