Rave Employee Review and Resignation Letter

by Marco Ramos for his appreciation of owner, Gerry Weitz of Hearts Pest Management.

Dear Mr. Weitz,

The reason for this letter is to first off thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family up to this point. You have given me an amazing opportunity to work for your company which has opened up the doors for new and great things along my career path. You took me as an employee, even though I had little experience in pest control aside from my grasp for entomology and landscape. You also gave me a scholarship to travel and study in Washington, D.C. as well as provided me with an amazing letter of recommendation that I am eternally grateful for.

Marco Ramos

Marco Ramos – Former Hearts Pest Management Landscape Technician and Future Attorney!

I moved up through the ranks while I was still in school and passed DPR tests because of the opportunities you gave me to stay at home and study. I spent many nights studying in order to pass the tests on my first try. I did this for each and every one of the tests and succeeded accordingly. I was only able to complete these tasks because of the opportunity and the trust you put into my intellectual ability. I disciplined myself because I knew this was not only a job, but an opportunity to prove to my boss my sense of worth.

I was on and off during my time as an employee in your company, but the moment I would decide to return, you would always receive me with open arms. I appreciate that as well. You were always willing to be flexible with my availability. This is something you cannot get from all employers.

You would arrange trips for me, pay me for time other employers would not pay for, and give me perks that I am sure other employees would not and have not received. I did, however, and continue to, reciprocate that generosity by making as much profit for you and your company as I possibly can. It always felt great to work for you. I felt comfortable in the workplace and in every aspect of the job.

Overall, your company is a great place to work. Stress levels remain low and assistance is always available by the great staff you employ. I have never had any problems with any of your staff which demonstrates the unity of the company. This cooperation and friendly atmosphere promotes the expansion and success of your company. Without the amazing way you run Hearts Pest Management, it would surely not be nearly as successful as it is today. I praise you for this great work.

However, it is with great regret, by and through this letter, to place my two week notice to resign from my position as a Pest Control Technician in Hearts Pest Management. As you have been informed, I will begin to focus on my career as a law student and future attorney. Also, I am unable to work for the following two Saturdays. My last day will be June 2, 2017.

I want to again thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime you have brought to me and for being the great employer that you are. I want to thank you not only as a boss, but as a friend. I know that the relationship and bond we have will not be broken for many years to come. You were the reason I hit the ground running at the sprout of my career and the reason so many opportunities have opened up for me. This, I will never forget.


Marco A. Ramos
Law Student
Western State College of Law at Argosy University

Good luck to you Marco and all your future endeavors!

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