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Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Green Pest Control Certified In Coronado

Hearts Pest Management was the first company in southern California to become EcoWise Certified, an Eco-certification jointly created by California environmentalists and government agencies. Our pest control company continues its' full commitment to environmental stewardship and green industry leadership.

Hearts IPM certificate

We have designed a general pest program called "Green Thumb" that is under the guidelines of the EcoWise program, with a heavy emphasis on organic and other reduced risk non-repellent products. We tailor the specific elements of the program to fit your needs. We also have created a very intensive rat/mice remediation program involving cleanup and decontamination under EcoWise guidelines.

Coronado - It's Character and Invasive Pests

Coronado has many invasive pests - from typical argentine ants that plague all San Diego homeowners, to a very large rat and mouse population that has come in with cargo ships and pleasure boats, as well as with trucks that drop off cartons of food for the active crowds of locals and vacationer that love the excellent cuisine on Coronado.


Flck of pest pigeons in Coronado shopping plaza

Pigeons in Coronado Shopping Plaza

Coronado Homes and Gardens

Coronado features beautiful homes and gardens. Townsfolk have bragging rights for creating lush gardens with enormous vines overgrowing home walls and rooflines. These vines are highways for rats and mice seeking harborage to breed and store food away from predators.

Coronado has natural exposure to large migratory and permanent bird populations. The tourist crowd, pleasure seeking vacationesr and cruising yachters attract massive and overwhelming flocks of birds, pigeons and seagulls mostly, but other bird species as well.

Bees in Coronado

Bees do their thing pollinating Coronado. Bees are a very beneficial creature, but one that can be dangerous and needs to be removed when in very close proximity to humans. Bees often seem very docile, but like ants, they can send signals that change their collective behavior in seconds.

Coronado Residential and Commercial Pest Services

Hearts Pest Management has designed services around the pest control needs of Coronado residents and commercial establishments. We love Coronado, its' traditions and architectural beauty. I can't visit Coronado without strolling by the Hotel Del Coronado.


Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

But pests are everywhere, making no distinction. I must say that "The Del" had this problem licked the next time I returned.


White Fly in Coronado

White Fly in gardens of Hotel Del Coronado


We are also available to service the military establishments that play a prominent role in Coronado. Service members should ask for a military discount.

Hearts Pest Management has the skills to assist with both structural pest control, that is, pest control focused on pests of human habitats, as well as pests of gardens.

The Employee Difference - Great for Coronado

Without bragging, I am sure you´ll be very pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and skill of our employees and the environmentalist spirit and gentleness with which we do a very tough job, so as to protect you and your family, while attempting our best not to disturb positive elements in the environment.


Hearts Pest Management Employee Service Awards

Hearts Pest Management Employee Service Awards


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