Pest Control in Ventura

Hearts Pest Management is now serving the City of Ventura in traditional and organic pest control! Most pest control companies see themselves as “exterminators” without regard to the environment. Their goal in pest control is to eliminate no matter what!

At Hearts, rather than say we “exterminate,” we say we practice “pest management.” Why? Because we understand the importance of beneficial insects and wildlife; creepy crawly things don’t become pests until they enter your home or business. Even ants have their job outdoors aerating the soil and eating decomposed matter.

Ventura, CA

Our service professionals are
EcoWise Certified!

We also keep in mind the safety of you, your family, including your pets, and the environment. We don’t just treat; we inspect your property each visit and provide IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions to prevent pests from coming indoors.

For members of the household who are sensitive to chemicals, we have a wonderful Green / Organic Pest Control program with EcoWise products to take care of many home invading pests.

Ant Control in Ventura

Did you know some ants prefer protein over sweets?

Ants are the most frequent and persistent pests encountered around the home. They contaminate food, leave traces of salmonella on your counters and floors, and build unsightly mounds on your property.

In southern California, Argentine ants are the main culprits for ant problems, not just in the summer months but year-round.

Your Hearts service professional knows how to identify and treat Argentine ants and other ant species. Some ants prefer sweets while others like protein, which is why it’s important to know what kind of ant is invading your home.

Spider Control

Gotcha! Your Hearts" professional
will search out black and brown
widow spiders and remove
their egg sacs.

There are small little jumping spiders, fast-moving wolf spiders, beautiful orb-weaver spiders, and not-so-itsy-bitsy black and brown widow spiders that inhabit the City of Ventura.

It’s the widow spiders that are toxic to humans and you should be concerned about, especially if you have small children or pets at risk of being bit.

At Hearts, we treat for both spiders and insects – spider food. Your service technician will look for hiding places and remove any webs and egg sacs up to the first level of your home.

Residential Pest Control

We have a variety of residential pest control services in Ventura!

Our Residential Pest Control service is target-based, meaning we treat according to pest activity as well as the areas around your property that appear to have potential pest issues.

As a result, we’ll make additional efforts to communicate with you. Our service technicians often leave notes on your invoice to let you know of specific pest activity and what they did to treat it.

By developing and building a partnership with you, we can stay on top of your pest problems – even help avoid them in the future.

Your Ventura Service
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Whether you choose a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly plan for general pests, our guarantee is always the same … should you encounter unwanted pests, just call us; any follow-up between services is at no charge!

Landscape Pest Control

Our approach to landscape pest control is to first examine every, non-pesticidal way, to manage outdoor pests. Then we review our best choices for treating existing pest problems while implementing IPM solutions to prevent future landscape infestations.

An infestation of aphids causes
leaves to discolor.

We utilize the newest pesticide products on the market that have undergone comprehensive and environmental research - including many organic solutions and we explain how and what we will do to manage your landscape pests.

We offer an amazing variety of landscape pest control services from gophers and squirrels, to tree and shrub pest treatments, to weed abatement – and, we offer free inspections!

Commercial Pest Control in Ventura

Hearts provides pest control for Ventura restaurants, coffee shops, retail establishments, hotels, and more! Many of our commercial customers opt for our Greenthumb maintenance plan to ensure the health of both employees and customers.

In the hospitality industry, a good name (and review) is important. Let us keep your pest problems under control so you can keep your good name!

Apartment buildings deal with a myriad of pests from roaches and ants to rodents and bed bugs!

Some of the commercial pests we treat include drain flies, gnats, roaches, bed bugs, ants, mice, and rats – just to name a few.

Our service professional will sit down and create a pest management plan tailored to your specific type of business but first, he will inspect your establishment, free-of-charge. Commercial Pest Control.

Rodent Control in Ventura

Damage to insulation from rat
droppings and urine.

Ventura is a combination of coastal and inland communities which often differ in types of pests. On the coast, Rats and Mice can be a big problem. Inland, near open habitat, both rats and field mice can be found. Norway rats, roof rats and mice, quickly become pests once they enter your home or business.

Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime and rats; they’ll chew it until it’s large enough for them to get through! Once inside, they will get into the pantry, dog food, and find nesting material in your attic or crawl space to begin having babies.

We provide full rodent remediation services to include trapping, clean-out, and exclusion work (blocking off the access points) when necessary.

For more information about our services and availability, call or fill out the form below and a caring Hearts Pest Management Representative will contact you shortly. Ask about our free inspections!

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