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Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management - Recipient of Prestigious I.P.M. Award

Hearts Pest Management recently received the prestigious California Environmental Protection Agency (Dept. of Pesticide Regulation) Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award. This award was the result of many efforts to promote a more conscious, environmentally driven pest control company and industry. In separate news, Hearts Pest Management recently gained mention in the Wall Street Journal article Critter Counter-Offensive by Ellen Bryon In the article, our owner, Gerry Weitz is quoted about our service in Beverly Hills, with specific questions about control of rodents that infest even the best of homes.

EcoWise Certified Pest Control

Hearts Pest Management brings to Beverly Hills the 1st EcoWise Certified pest control service available anywhere in Southern California. EcoWise Certified was founded by an association of California county governments to promote fine and noble standards for integrated pest management and green pest control. This project continues under joint guidance with the Bio-Integral Resouce Center. We at Hearts Pest Management do the walking and the talking for truly innovative pest control with demonstrated concern for the family and our ecology. Choosing Hearts EcoWise Certified green pest control is a good choice for California's future and for your home environment and peace of mind.

Select organic and minimized risk plans for homes and gardens.

Hearts IPM certificate

Business interest in Certified Green Pest Control

Our EcoWise Certified "Green Thumb" pest control service is used not only by concerned homeowners. Many businesses turn to us. Nowadays, business is very receptive to our green message. Currently, we service: organic factories and retail establishments, clean enterprises, such as bio-techs and medical facilities. We service pet shelters that suffer from the many pet vectored pest infestations. Property managers turn to us when they have even one chemically sensitive tenant.

Residential Pest Control In Beverly Hills

We offer comprehensive residential services to keep your home at its best!

Ants and Common Insect Control Service

Argentine ants ruthlessly pursue food sources. When not able to get water and food needs met by outdoor food sources, such as aphid honeydew on citrus trees, these ants will enter your home for water, sugars or proteins. Ants are social insects, moving quickly in groups, even moving their colonies indoors. Spiders are a serious concern among those calling in. Spider bites can be particularly painful and nasty. Black widows are common and while brown recluse spiders do not exist in southern California, we do have Brown Recluse spiders. Necrotic spiders have been known to leave victims with large scars. Stevie Hansen - 1st employee in Southern California to be EcoWise Certified in IPM

Pest Specialty Services for Beverly Hills

In Hearts Pest Management, Beverly Hills customers can select a pest control provider with numerous specialties. All of them begin with a free inspection. (We do not service for termites).

Beverly Hills Landscape / Garden Pest Control

plant pest causing curl and disfigurement We are passionate about landscapes and pest specialties

  Bees, mice, rats and birds share a tendency to look for homes with small protective openings to a large open void. Beverly Hills has many older homes that have developed access problems over the years. News homes built by even the best of builders can have access points for insect and rodents. It doesn't take much to insects, rodents and birds to gain access to a building: an open vent, a crack under an eave, a rotted out doorway corner or an uncovered A/C uptake duct to attract these pests.  

Beverly Hills Bee Removal


Bees entering in gap along edge of electrical box

Bees entering under 2nd story eave


Beverly Hillsa Rats & Mice Pest Control


Rat entrance point. After removing insulation, the access points become easier to detect and repair. Rat damage in attic - pretty nasty stuff sometimes!

Please be aware that we place severe restrictions on work in homes with high pressure fire sprinklers, which are easily damaged and which can cause widespread flood damage. We will not work in attics or other areas adjoining fire sprinklers unless they are first deactivated and drained as well as subsequently air tested before being repressurized. This is for your peace of mind as well as ours.

Beverly Hills Gophers Control

  Gophers, those pests we love from the movie Caddieshack, are persistent pests that venture into the gardens of Beverly Hills from nearby canyons. We eliminate the existing gopher problem and provide a gopher maintenance service so that as new gophers venture into your landscape, we can address it quickly. Gophers mate and breed like all rodents at a very fast rate, year round!
fresh gopher mound and vent holes forming in the grass

fresh gopher mound and vent holes forming in the grass

Beverly Hills Bird Control

Bird exclusion on lighting fixtures in parking lot Bed bugs - A potentially serious problem in wealthy communities. For the pest several years, the bed bug epidemic has been making its' way into west coast homes, arriving with world travellers, business people and students - finding homes to infest among all economic classes. Beverly Hills is a community at risk. The best time to eliminate a pest problem is now! Too often, we have found homes totally ravaged by pests that have not been evicted. The reasons are simple:
  • 1) You are too busy to deal with them.
  • 2) You find it easier to delay dealing with an uncomfortable subject.
  • 3) You know that they pose hazards and don't want to risk personal contact.
  • 4) You are not physically able to reach them where they hide.
  • 5) You have tried and thought it was hopeless.
  • 6) You didn't want to pay to have it treated.
  • 7) You had it treated and the pest company did not solve the recurring problem.
The bad news is that avoiding the problem will only create a larger problem!
  • 1) Destruction
  • 2) Foul Odors
  • 3) Contamination
  • 4) Infection
  • 5) Allergic Symptoms
  • 6) Illness and Disease
  • 7) Fire Hazard
  • 8) Decreased Home Values!
Hearts pest control service has comprehensive solutions for most pest control problems! We'd love to meet with you, share our knowledge with you freely and assist you where we can in your Beverly Hills home and businesses you may have in or around Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Call 1-800-986-1006 for a free pest inspection in Beverly Hills today.
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