Pest Control in the Neighborhood of Beacon Park

There is an elaborate tree house called “The Lookout,” in the middle of Beacon Park where residents and guests can enjoy the beautiful view and seek cover from the heat under large shade trees.

Hearts Pest Management is currently servicing the good people of Beacon Park! Now you have options when it comes to keeping pests away – You get to choose what’s best for your home, family, and pets. Beacon Park in Irvine, CA is more than just a neighborhood. It’s a beautiful community of friendly neighbors that care about the welfare of both family and the environment. Hearts Pest Management is the “Residential Expert” when it comes to pest control and knows what it takes to keep your home free from those bothersome ants, spiders, fleas, gophers, rats and mice, and so much more.

A Pest Control Company with a Difference

All our pest control technicians are required to become certified by EcoWise, a California government based “Green Integrated Pest Management Certification” program.

Hearts Pest Management is recognized by California’s Environmental Protection Agency as an innovator in Integrated Pest Management.

We are the winner of the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Pesticide Regulation Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award! At Hearts, we believe a pest control company must first do no harm. We are totally focused on people, pets, and the environment, including native wildlife. Our employees are caring, that’s why we are called a “company with heart!” Take a look at some of the services we offer Beacon Park residents:

Green Pest Control

Hearts believes all living creatures have their place but when it comes to making your casa their casa, it’s time for them to go!

Hearts provides Beacon Park residential a multitude of pest control services – including landscape pests!

Our “Green” and organic pest control program treats general pests such as spiders, ants, earwigs, and Oriental roaches (those big ugly water bugs!). Most pest control companies spray their products “everywhere” in an effort to gain control over pests in and around the home. This “willy-nilly” approach leaves chemicals in places where your family members and pets can come in contact with them. One of the main components of our green program includes IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions. Our service professionals will inspect your property upon each service and provide preventative ways to keep pests from making their way indoors.
EcoWise Certified

Hearts Service Technicians are EcoWise Certified in organic applications.

For instance, he or she may recommend trimming shrubs back about twelve inches from your home. This prevents ants and other insects, or spiders, from using branches as bridges for easy access. Our goal is to treat where and when necessary because even “natural” products can be too much of a good thing for both you and the environment. We believe in a customized and healthier approach to pest management. For our green program, we recommend a monthly service during spring and summer with an every other month option during winter – you get to choose! Visit our Green / Organic Pest Control page for an in depth discussion and video on organic pest control.

Ant and Spider Control in Beacon Park

An ant invasion in the kitchen often leads to people grabbing a can of Raid but doing so can create an ant nightmare! More will come. … Some ants, Argentine ants for instance, have multiple queens so when they see the Raid can or Borax mixture you’ve created, one or more of the queens will break away and start new colonies elsewhere on the property and in your home.

Southern California is one big ant hill of Argentine ants. We can help!

It takes a professional to get rid of these ants. Hearts service technicians will search out Argentine ant trails, find the nests, and then get rid of the queens. Certain ant species respond to different types of treatment. For some, baiting rather than spray works best. Other factors to consider, when treating for ants, are the type of food they are most attracted to. Some like sweets; others prefer protein, even grease! Our service professionals are knowledgeable in all ant species and how to treat according to the type of ant and its food preference. We know how to get rid of ants! Spiders: Black and Brown widow spiders are notorious for hiding in and under things. These are the two spiders of medical importance; both are toxic to humans.

Black and Brown widows create messy webs and hide in dark corners or under things, like patio furniture.

Hearts Pest Management treats for spiders and removes webs and egg sacs around the perimeter of the home (the first level). Most spiders don’t mean to bite … they get scared too. Spiders only bite if they feel threatened but then, you’re probably not concerned with how the spider is feeling! Our residential service includes treatment for the outside perimeter, garage, and inside the home when needed. We do our best to keep spiders at bay but remember spiders tend to hide, making it difficult to get to every single one of them. If you feel you have a lot of spiders, it’s because you have a lot of insects – a spider’s food source. Over time, you’ll see less and less as we treat both the insects and the spiders.

Landscape Pest Control

Mealy Bugs

You spend a lot of money and time creating a beautiful landscape and the last thing you need is gophers tearing up the lawn or taking down a favorite plant by the roots. One day it’s there, the next day it’s gone! Insects can make the leaves of plants and shrubs look unsightly, discolored, and dwarf their growth. Here are just a few of the landscape pests we treat:

Odorous House Ants - Ants are indoor and outdoor pests. Here you see them “farming” aphids for their sweet honeydew.

We offer FREE, no pressure, inspections and proposals for landscape pest management in Beacon Park. Pest control, like any kind of business, is a joint venture between the company and the customer. At Hearts, we like to consider it a relationship, hopefully long-term! We want you to feel you are receiving the best customer service and trust that we care about you, your family, and your pets. Hearts Pest Management is just a phone call or email away so don’t delay! It will only allow a pest problem to increase and become a health hazard, so please contact us today at: 800-986-1006 Thank you Beacon Park for the opportunity to service your community!
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