Do Good Mites Exist?

Tuesday July 26, 2011
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Good Mites are Predatory Mites


Good mites are predatory mites.

In this Israel 21 century article about predatory mites and strawberry production, from a fascinating magazine covering the latest in Israeli innovations, you will learn about the work of Dr. Shimon Steinberg of Bio-Bee. There are today many biological answers for the farming industry. All are based on the principle of pest tolerance level. Beneficial insects and arachnids need to feed. They will exist where their food supply exists.

For those of us living in city and suburban environments, tolerance for insects and arachnids is near zero. That is a key difference between biological control of pests on the farm and biological control in urban environments. The other key is finding a way to insure that the beneficial organism does not become a pest.

Homeowners and businesses do not want to see these things. If so, it is by its’ simple visual presence a disturbance. On a farm, someone may see them and ignore them, happy that they are doing their job to insure the produce is good. But in an urban environment, a pest control company needs to be sure that beneficials stay beneficial, out of the sight of homeowners and proprietors. Having microscopic beneficials is one answer.

Currently, many of the beneficials available at your local garden store are visible. You can easily find ladybugs and lacewings. These creatures alone are not likely to bring pests down to the levels required by property owners and their behavior, lifespan and control is not predictable.

But using them can be a fun and environmentally conscious way to reduce pest issues. They can be used in a timed sequence to reduce the number of pest control applications and with altered pest applications using non-spray techniques that avoid contact with beneficials. It takes some diligence and study to work out a viable program, but it is worth the challenge.

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