A Pest Management Technician’s Journey Friday March 8, 2013
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The Interview at Hearts Pest Management for Pest Control Technician

Justin Quiroz - Hearts Pest Management Technician

Justin Quiroz – Hearts Pest Management

It´s hard to believe that it´s been two and a half years since I rushed into Gerry´s office for an interview.

Truth be told, at the time I didn´t quite know what to expect. I had only ever worked for large companies, never a locally owned business. All kinds of little variables were popping up in my head…

What could this interview lead to? Is this the right move for me? What´s this “Gerry” character going to be like? This, coupled with the fact that my first sit-down interview had been delayed for a couple of hours due to a terrible accident on the 15 freeway, had my stomach in knots. Unforeseeable occurrence or not, I didn´t want my first impression to be involved in any way with tardiness… Or traffic collisions for that matter!

Once I arrived however, I was greeted as cordially as possible by the owner of the company. We sat and talked for roughly about two hours. It was a busy conversation full of topics that varied from one extreme to the other.

Any of the aforementioned anxiousness disappeared rapidly and was replaced by a strong desire to end the night under the employ of this new company.

Thankfully, that was the case.

Then and Now – Transition of a Pest Control Technician

My tenureship here has been an extensive learning experience. It´s on occasion been outright challenging, but the reward has always been worth it.

Much has changed since I started here, (I touched on this briefly in my last blog entry, “Same Quality Pest Control”) however the most noteworthy development that I´ve noticed has been the evolution of my relationship with my customers.

I´m no longer the “new guy.” Now I´m “Justin the Hearts Guy” and trust me, that´s a good thing. For example, if you´re one of my customers, chances are that we not only know each other on a first name basis, but that I also know exactly how to help you with any sort of pest/landscape issues you may be having at any given time of the year.

Also, if you´re one of my regulars who happens to own a dog, I´ve likely brought some treats for you to spoil your pup with at your leisure. What can I say? I´m an animal lover… And yes, I do realize that there may be a hidden irony to a pest control technician saying that, but our greenthumb preventative services make it possible to make that statement without the “tongue-in-cheek.”

Changes Experienced over Two Years at Hearts Pest Management

Ultimately, I´ve loved the past two and a half years. Getting to know my route and the people who fill it has been equally as enjoyable as getting to know my brothers in arms here at Hearts. There have been a handful of changes here, as far as the company itself is concerned. We´ve picked up some hard working and talented new technicians and office people that have just completely added a whole other dimension to our business.

For example, if you do frequent our website you´ve probably noticed a giant explosion of entertainingly educational blogs written by Ms Donna Walker (and to my own credit I´ve posted a few of these, too.)

In the field alone, we now have an entire fleet of experienced professionals.

Pest Control Service with a Heart

It´s been a unique privilege to me to see this body of pest control technicians pull together to provide a better service. If one of us needs help, is (temporarily) stumped with the identification of a pest, or is having a hard time diagnosing a landscape disease… that´s when we call for backup. Strength in numbers!

The times are changing, and as always we change with it. We´ve got a full staff ready to handle whatever pests Mother Nature throws at you (and believe me – sometimes she can be quite generous with them) so there´s never any need to worry. If one of us isn´t enough, we call for backup.

As always, we´re ready to take care of your home for you. Call us.

– Justin Q.


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