A Bit Too Much Pesticide Dust

Thursday February 16, 2012
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Last week we went out to an inspection for mites. Sometimes we are able to help directly, though it can be extremely hard to find mites. Sometimes there are skin-mind connections or just pure psycho-somatic symptoms. But we do also find current or initial pest related reasons for feelings of mite bites. Often, even if we can’t find mites, we are able to help by identifying conditions that lead to mites, such as proximity to rats, bats, mice, birds and pets that come in close contact with these critters.Anyway, last week we went on such an inspection but backed off immediately when we saw damage that had been caused by a pest control company that is active in flea control and attempted to do something similar for mite control. The company used Bayer Drione dust. They used a heavy volume applicator to push the pesticide throughout the attic.

Attic Covered in Pesticide Dust - An Over-Application

Attic Covered in Pesticide Dust – An Over-Application

The ceiling was very porous and no attempt was made by the company to seal the openings. I don’t think a good seal was ever really possible here. As a result, the pesticide came through openings from the attic and pushed down into the living space of this house.

The potential customer was complaining of heavy coughing. No wonder. Look at all the pesticide on this persons’ computer screen.

Computer Screen Covered in Pesticide Dust

Computer Screen Covered in Pesticide Dust

The potenital customer was told that we could not do any kind of evaluation until the current pesticide exposure was measured and most likely goes through a total cleanup – attic and living space. The customer was referred to Pro-Active Environmental Services, which specializes in the inspection and evaluation of environmental hazards.

It is due to the difficulty in controlling the flow of dust, as the term implies, that Hearts Pest Management RARELY uses dust and never with a high volume emitter.


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