Laguna Beach Pest Control - Organic Pest Control Now

Pest control owner enjoying, Gerry, Laguna Beachfront on winter day

Laguna Beachfront on a cool day in winter

Hearts Pest Management is so lucky to provide pest control service in Laguna Beach and the surrounding Laguna communities. It´s such a lovely town with a character all its´ own. Where else can you discover fine shops, fine dining and truly fine people?

Laguna Residential Pest Control

Perhaps you´ve seen Hearts Pest Management providing residential pest control, rolling up and down the residential neighborhoods that line the hills of Laguna Beach. We are in town regularly to provide pest control when you need it. Ants and spiders are common issues for Laguna residents. Choose from a variety of pest service schedules that meet your budget and your tolerance level for pests.

Organic Pest Control - Green Pest Control - EcoWise Certified Pest Control

EcoWise Certified IPM logo

EcoWise Certified Integrated Pest Management

We realize how lucky we are to service your community and so we try our hardest to make you happy with our wide array of pest control services, including our very well established EcoWise Certified and "Green Thumb" organic pest control service. What better way to deal with common insects like ants and spiders than by going to the leader in green pest control. With our 7 plus years (as of 2012) providing organic and green pest control services over and above the techniques of integrated pest management, we´ve piled up more customized and green pest control experience than any of our competitors. How is that? We were servicing homes with organic pest control, and then California based EcoWise Certified pest control while the pest control industry was still debating environmentalists to keep old methods and products that together raised issues for the health of our waterways.

Laguna Commercial Pest Control

Perhaps you´ve seen us around town already. We provide commercial pest control - usually organic, rodent and cockroach pest control service in boutique inns and restaurants on The Coastal Highway. Having a pest control service demonstrates responsible establishment ownership. Where hospitality is your business, Hearts Pest Management will be a great pest control team-player that will help your establishment remain open and profitable. While many commercial pest control customers are simply concerned about keeping pests away and ask us to use standard products, we always apply techniques that keep get it done without noxious odors or complaints. We do have several commercial customers who prefer organic methods to keep with Laguna´s environmentally friendly traditions or because they have an environment where there are particular sensitivities, such as a pet shelter, senior facility and children´s centers. The bed bug epidemic is on the rise and your hotel, motel or inn will need a relationship with a company that can address bed bug issues. We are that company. And now we use both standard and chemical free methods to eliminate bed bugs.

Rodent Control for Rats and Mice - Gopher and Squirrel Control

Downtown Laguna Beach winter view overlook

Laguna Beach Hillside Overlooking the Commercial District and Ocean

Many customers need more than "general pest service." They are looking for something more. Rats, mice, gophers and squirrels are huge problems for residents and businesses around town. Homes are unstable enough without having to deal with rodents undermining your home in the hills. With all the food establishments in town and older construction, rodents are an important concern to be addressed with commercial pest control service. There can be no tolerance for rats and mice in food establishments and their entry needs to be stopped through a variety of practices and alterations.

Laguna Landscape Pest Control

We offer a wide range of landscape pest control. Your neighbors love it and so should you, with organic landscape pest control for your fruiting and ornamental trees and shrubs as well. If you have seen our pest control blog or our social responsibility page, you know that we actively promote the connection between healthy nature and responsible pest control, with interesting and informative articles on sustainability and related topics.
Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Were you to check out our employment page, you will be pleasantly shocked by our employment philosophy and its´ implementation. We actively assist our employees to better their health, education and general welfare. Happy employees make for happy pest control customers.

Bee Control and Removal

We are also available for professional bee removal.

Pest Control Scheduling

We offer very flexible schedules. On the coast, every other month service can work well. We work within all budgets and are happy to work according to the frequency of service that you desire. For commercial accounts, monthly service is absolutely needed to keep the pests away.

Walking Around Laguna Beach

As owner of Hearts Pest Management, it's important that I get to know every town we service.... and there are not many town's I can think of that I enjoy more than Laguna Beach. On my last walk through Laguna Beach I stopped for a great omelette at The Greeter's Corner. I especially liked the large substitute portion of fresh fruit in place of calorie filled bread.
The Greeter's Corner in Laguna Beach

The Greeter's Corner in Laguna Beach - great to dining by the ocean

I lingered across the street at Fiori's , where I purchased Italian ceramic butter and oil dishes for my wife, as a welcome home present after a long business trip. My wife was very happy. Fine dishes at Fiori's in Laguna Beach